1. Fluffeehh

    Java not working properley

    I've installed Java and the control panel is there, but when I try to download .jar files on my computer it doesnt say .executable file at the end and shows a paper icon instead of a Java logo which is supposed to happen. I have tried opening it with Java SE and a black square suddenly pops up...
  2. L

    Exe files not running

    So...I downloaded apps from the internet. It couldn't launched. I looked up some advice, and tried to change the registry. I changed the wrong file by adding the wrong value. It was the 'exe' folder. I changed the default value data from ' exefile ' to “%1” %*. That value was supposed to be in...
  3. C

    My exe files delete themselves

    Okay so im going back to 2014 and play five nights at freddys, just to bring back some memories. But it the .exe file that runs the program deletes themselves just after a few minutes of running them, I looked up everything i can but now i have the time to ask for help, i have messed around with...
  4. R

    Exe On New Downloaded Programs Not Working

    Hello there. I have found for the past few months that programs I download can rarely be opened. Nothing happens. For example, I downloaded the SysInfo utility but it won't open. All my files open fine for word processing, spreadsheet, pdf etc. It's just new programs although occasionally one...