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    New SSD's exFAT format Dropbox issues. Should I reformat?

    When I transfer files through Dropbox, I got an error message that some properties could not be transferred, Initially I ignored it but when I had issues playing videos (6GB size), I googled and found that such error could occur when a file is transferred from NTFS to FAT disk. My FAT disk is a...
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    SDXC exFAT card files readable but corrupted

    Hey Guys! TL : DR: All files accessable but contain binary-gibberish So I was at a friends place yesterday and he told me that his phone (sony xperia z5) crashed and woudn't restart until he removed the SDXC card (exFAT formated, 64GB). He tried to access his data from his PC (Windows 10) and...
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    Files disappeared while being transferred to a now-exFAT USB

    Hello. I’ve been stuck in a predicament for almost a week, day and night, for hours to end, and NOTHING. I’m going insane! I really hope you guys can help me! Here I have a description on the situation, what happened before after and during. Brace yourself, it’s a little lengthy… but...
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    1TB WD can't be read properly by partition programs?

    So my cousin wants me to fix her external because LG TV's can't read it though the Samsung Smart TVs can read it fine, can even display the pictures. The format is eXFAT and I have a hypothesis that LG TVs can only read Fat32s based on the common responses on the internet. I tried formatting...