extend volume

  1. PMrocks

    Unable to merge unallocated space to D: disk

    I was trying to make dual boot of kali linux with windows 10. So I created a 50GB partition for that and did the dual boot successfully. but after few months I removed Kali Linux and formatted the 50GB partition and made it as unallocated space. Now I'm trying to merge that 50GB space with main...
  2. F

    Any possibility to extend the volume of disk 0 (boot)?

    Computer: Laptop HP Pavilion, 2017 system: windows 10, 64-bit RAM 16 GB Please, could any one learn me How I can extend C partition of Disk 0 by that Unallocated 626.06 GB of Disk 1? (see attached please) thank you
  3. C

    Need help with extending Windows (C:) volume

    I have a 120GB solid state drive that has my windows 10 operating system on it and when i got into the disk managment window I noticed that it split the drive into 2 parts. one part that has windows and another part that is unallocated. I want to combine these two parts but dont know how to. I...