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    Dead zones and extending wifi signal

    Currently with Vodafone broadband, but there is no internet on the top floor of my house We an ethernet cable running from the router upstairs and was wondering what the best device is to either - plug into ethernet cable to allow wifi access on top floor (preferred as I presume it will be...
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    Connecting Dell laptop to 2006 Dell Monitor

    Hi, I have a new Dell Laptop and I am trying to extend screens to a dell monitor I have, I don’t know the model as I can’t get it to work, it has the Self Test Feature Check floating around the screen? I have connected the monitor using a VGA/HDMI cable and on my laptop it has found the monitor...
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    Solved 144hz Monitor - Only 60hz Showing As Option

    I've had a 144hz monitor for a while now, (Acer GN246HL to be exact) and at first I struggled to get it to 144hz, but eventually I got it working. I just moved into my college dorm room and had to disconnect all my cables to my desktop obviously. Upon reconnecting, I realized that the 144hz...
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    Extend Wireless Connection

    Hi Guys, I have a restaurant renting my downstairs premises with a hotspot that Im allowed to extend into our house, however they don't want a wired connection to their network with their POS systems, so I can only access wirelessly. They've given me the MAC address and IP of the router. I...