extended display

  1. AntonHennessy

    Solved Extended displays does not work

    Hi I recently bought a second screen for my laptop, but the extended mode does not work. I'm currently running the laptop with a BenQ monitor and a Philips TV hooked up with a hdmi splitter. The problem I'm having is that the laptop recognises the two external screens as the same one, which...
  2. M

    Extend My Laptop

    I have a dell xps 15. Brand new. I also have a Samsung smart tv and a samsung monitor. I have an HDMI splitter and had intended on extending my laptop to all three screens. The initial idea was to have my laptops screen be shut off while projecting my monitor as screen one and my tv as screen...
  3. R

    Solved a problem with the extended screen

    My flat screen HD tv has a 15 pin vga port on it. I am running the extended screen into my laptop via a vga a hdmi converter. The laptop has the hdmi plug. Untill about a week ago the extended screen on my flat screen tv was ok except for the tint was off a bit but liveible. Now the hd tv in pc...
  4. N

    External Outdoor LED screen as Extended/Duplicate Display

    Hello all, I recently installed an outdoor LED screen at my premises for advertising my business. The screen is 3m x 3m in size. The manufacturers of the screen gave me software to allow me to play media on. This works perfectly fine and at the right resolution. But, I recently tried to...