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    Wireless extender into switch

    Hey in my den, I have a wireless extender that has an Ethernet output, but I would like to now plug into 2 things (smartTv and a chrome cast). While they both can use wireless connection I thought the wired Connection from the extender would be a little better (faulty assumption maybe?) so I...
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    Annoying extender

    Hi, so I bought a persevere 1200 AC extender about a year ago and it was working great from the start until 2 days ago. When I tried to use my laptop and it was not working and neither was the playstation 4. When I would troubleshoot it I got the same message 'The DNS server isn't responding'...
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    Wi-Fi extenders? Boosters? What do I need?

    Next to my router I can get around 16 Mbps, but by me computer which is almost directly one floor above my router I can only get around 10 Mbps. I stream on Twitch and I need speeds more reliable but I cant figure out what I should be doing. Ive looked into range extenders/repeaters but from...
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    Wi-fi Extender default IP address questions

    Hi All, I just recently purchased a Victony dual-band wi-fi extender. First I was wondering why the default address is and not 192.168.1.x so that is just another device on your existing router. Reason I ask is, after I had it setup and successfully connected my FireStick, I saw...
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    Boosting Wifi Signal to distant bedroom

    Hello, I currently live in a 3 bedroom apartment with the Wifi router located in the living room. My bedroom is the furthest away from that point with thick walls in between, so I am looking for a way to speed up my connection in my room. I am planning to purchase a Wifi extender and plug it in...
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    Solved No valid ip address error, ethernet connection issue

    I use a BT Broadband extender that has worked perfectly for a couple years now, extender meaning router to socket, and socket to pc connection. Today I went to make dinner and came back and my pc will no longer connect. Troubleshooting shows an error stating there is no valid ip address, I have...