external drive

  1. javabob85

    WD Elements 2tb not seeing video files on TV

    I have been using a 500Gb WD Passport for years to watch .mp4's, mkv's,avi's, etc.[whatever they may be] on my Samsung TV. I just got a WD Elements 2Tb for the same purpose. The TV see's the source and opens to a menu once the video folder is chosen. BUT it then tells me there are no video...
  2. derekthecat

    Setting up a RAID 1

    I have a Promise Pegasus R4 which I'm using as an external RAID drive. It's 4 x 2TB drives being used as an 8TB array (ie saving randomly across all 4 drives). I want to set it up as 2 x 4TB drives. One which backs up to/mirrors the other. I can't make any sense of the instruction manual. Can...
  3. A

    require external hard drive case which can take 3 4 drives

    hi all. i have 3 or 4 2.5 inch drives laying around. the drives are of different capacity starting from 250gb to 1tb. there is 1 250gb ssd also in the lot. is there such a solution which will take all the 3 to 4 drives and make them as 1 big external drive?
  4. S

    External HardDrive Partitioning

    Hello, I just purchased an HP P600 SSD external harddrive with 500GB storage. However, it came oddly partitioned as two 232GB drives and a DVD rom with security setup info. I would like to condense the two drives to one, and tried to delete one volume in disc management to extend the other...
  5. A

    PC doesn't recognise 1TB external USB drive in Windows

    Hello. I bought an external hard drive a couple of days ago and have a problem. I copied movie files onto it and tried to watch them on my TV by plugging the drive into my set top box, but it did not recognise the drive. Checking the drive properties, I saw it was formatted as exFat and I...
  6. E

    WD passport ultra crashed after a large delete attempt.

    My bad, should have done it one folder at a time. Now my pc does not recognize it except as drive e: and will not open it. I am willing to reformat the drive . Will I ever be able to trust this drive again?
  7. A

    Why does my laptop mount external drives?

    Hi gang, If I plug an external hard drive into a USB port on any computer I've ever worked with, the drive simply becomes accessible, which is great. The thing is that I have a laptop provided by my school that seems to need to mount drives which is a nuisance because I have to unmount it when...
  8. F

    External Drive won't start with PC Boot

    When I turn on my PC, the external hard drive (Hitachi) won't power up. I can get it to power up if I unplug the power cord and plug it back in. However, if it stays idle for awhile (15 minutes?), it will shut down again. It is about 5 or 6 years old so should I just get it running and copy to...
  9. S

    Solved how to merge my passports 2 partitions

    I bought a new 1Tb WD Passport and the guy at the store made 2 partitions of my passport and when I tried my passport on my TV to watch some films it cannot read my passport because of the partitions so now at the moment I deleted the other partition and now it is labeled as "Unallocated". Now I...
  10. L

    External Hard Drive Not working

    Hi, looking for some help on an external hard drive which has suddenly stopped working. The hard drive will show up on my mac and let me go into it but i cant actually access the files that are on it. Does any one know a good data recovery software or even someone who could do it for a good...
  11. L

    External Hard-drive Issue

    So I have an external hard drive and I connected to my laptop using my USB port. The computer is reading it, saying it's there when I look up in my disc management, but when I try to transfer my photos and videos, I can't see it under the "Computer" tab. I have tried updating the driver and...
  12. C

    On Windows 10, we can no longer see external hard drives

    I thought this issue was more of a networking one, rather than Windows 10. We have a home network with an HP desktop running Win 10 Home and hard wired to a Linksys router. There are two 5TB external hard drives attached to the desktop. There also are two HP laptops running Win 10 Pro. In the...
  13. X

    External HDD Data Recovery (Corrupt Master File Table)

    Hello, I have run into a big problem on my External HDD. I can't access it, it tells me "The Disk Structure is Corrupt And Unreadable" After a bit of digging around I found out the Master File Table is corrupt. I've tried a few Data Recovery Programs over the last few days and I had a bit of...
  14. P

    Can't get external drive to show up in explorer

    I was using my seagate external hard drive, but then I tripped over the cord. When I plugged it back in, it didn't show up in windows explorer. It shows up in device manager as a driver, and it sort-of shows up under disk management, but now it says it is in raw format. However, when I launched...
  15. M

    WD External Drive won't open...

    Hello guys, After a long search that couldn’t solve my issue, I’ve decided to post here as my last chance. I have a problem with my Western Digital external drive. The type is Western Digital My Passport Ultra external hard drive. My laptop is a Lenovo and has the Windows 10 latest update now...
  16. E

    External Hard Drive for Business use

    I am looking for an external hard drive large enough for multiple computers (approx 10) majority of the stuff will be text documents. i need something that can last at least 5 years, hook up to a printer for scanning, and has password restriction options. i have heard the WD 12tb my book duo...
  17. sue4635

    Solved Do I need Paragon HFS+ so my Windows 10 sees external drive

    I have a Seagate Backup Plus external drive. I used it to backup my windows 7 files. When I connected it to my Windows 10 PC the drive showed up at first and I looked at some folders on it. Then the drive was no longer showing up in My Computer. I tried rebooting, uplugging it and replugging...
  18. 66rshine

    Sharing External Hard Drive with other COMP

    How can I share an external hard drive with another computer at the same time? Is it possible?
  19. C

    SanMax external hard drive alarming

    Hi all, I have an older (5 years?) external drive with I'm not sure how much backed up onto it - maybe it's 500 mb or 1 gig - that started alarming today and can't be recognized by my computer. It is the variety that comes in a case with an optional fan you can run and sits about 5"x7" on a...
  20. B

    Toshiba 1TB Hard drive stopped working on mac

    Hi there, sorry in advance for anything in this post that may sound silly or unclear as i am not tech savy, and this is the first time I've ever posted on one of these forums but its an emergency and i'd appreciate all the help i could get! So i have this 1tb toshiba external hard drive that...