external hard driv

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    external hardrive inaccesible

    i'm on a one month old Hp envy x360 2 in 1 laptop. it only has 128gb storage on it's internal hard drive so, i needed an external hard drive (wd 1TB my passport) to bolster it with all the files i have for school. it told me i had to do a software update and restart my computer. After it...
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    External Hard drive unknown , not initialized & no Space

    External Hard drive WD1600BEVS/160GB unknown, not initialised and no space showing in windows 10 How can i solve and safely get all the data? Please kindly help, Tank you in advance In devices & printer i troubleshoot There are problems with some PnP devices. Windows will take additional...
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    Partition Problems With External Hard Drive

    Hello, I have a WD My Passport Ultra External Hard Drive 3TB. I formatted it to work with my PS4 and now I want to use it on my HP2000 laptop again. The only problem is, it now has a partition in it and I only have 1.8 TB available of a 3 TB Hard Drive. How do I totally reformat all...