external monitor

  1. P

    Macbook Air to Dell P2419H

    I am currently using a MacBook Air (Catalina 10.15.6, Early 2014) and had it connected to a Dell P2419H as a second screen (external monitor) using a thunderbolt to HDMI and an HDMI to HDMI connection. It was working fine until I had to disconnect to use the MacBook elsewhere and when I tried to...
  2. A

    Deleted network driver, broken screen, no display!

    Help please! My toshiba touchscreen has been broken for a long time now, we've just used an hdmi cord to connect it to a TV and used it as the monitor. Well it started acting up, getting slow and freezing so my husband was going to delete and reinstall the network drivers, (he says thats all)...
  3. J

    External Monitor Screen Flickering

    I have been having an issue with my external monitor (Acer R240HY) for some time where it flickers to a black screen. The duration and frequency of the flicker vary each time. I have plugged my Laptop (HP EliteBook running Windows 10) into another monitor and the problem does not occur. I...
  4. E

    Connecting broken laptop screen to external monitor???

    I cannot figure out how to do this. I have a Lenovo Y510P upgraded to windows 10 pro. The HDMI is connected to an external TV HDMI. I have tried to hit the function key with the external monitor key, but nothing happens. I do not know what else to do. Any suggestions???
  5. MarkoPancirov

    Solved Buying a docking station/port replicator for laptop

    I am trying to build the following setup: 1) Asus laptop (TUF gaming series FX504 with 1 hdmi port), Windows 10 1) 2 or 3 high resolution external monitors connected to laptop via a docking station 3) Multiple peripherals like keyboard, mouse, speakers etc. I did a lot of research about docking...
  6. B

    broken screen, need to clone it without being able to see

    I have an ASUS laptop. I broke the screen. I have it attached to an external monitor, but now the computer has gone into sleep mode and I can't see to sign in. The external monitor is currently configured to be an extension of the main screen. How can I change it so that the external monitor is...
  7. M

    monitor fails to detect laptop after adobe flash update

    monitor: dell SN: CN-0DFF58-72872-14L-AGAI laptop: dell inspiron 15 5000 series windows 10 home intel i7-7500 2.7 Ghz intel HD graphics 620 motherboard: inspiron 5567 Problem: Monitor no longer detects laptop after updating adobe flash updated. Laptop worked with monitor as of yesterday...
  8. aeiopam

    Solved Only backlight appears

    My acer laptop fell from my bed, 3 ft high last night. When I open it there is the window sound but the screen remains black and the backlight is on. When connected to external monitor it projects to the external monitor. I brought my laptop to a shop to assess it and everything was fine except...
  9. B

    External Monitor Help

    Not sure if this is the appropriate forum, but..i have a Sanyo 30' TV i want to use as an external. my toshiba windows 7 does not acknowledge its plugged in. my Toshiba windows 10 shows "sanyo" plugged in under display settings, but that's it ,no picture. alos HP running Mint does not...
  10. S

    Solved Powering on Secondary Monitor Causes Desktop to Crash

    Howdy everyone, Last week I bought a desktop computer to replace the 6-year-old laptop I've been using since college. For the laptop, I bought a secondary LG display (LG W2243T-PF 22-inch 1080p Widescreen) to help with multitasking. This LG monitor has a VGA port; the new desktop doesn't, so I...
  11. T

    Help with the BIOS

    I am having issues with my computer that require me to see and access the bios menu on my ASUS R510C laptop. However as the attached picture shows, viewing the bios menu from the laptop screen is impossible. I have an ACER External Monitor, and both VGA and DVI -to - HDMI cables. How can I swap...
  12. L

    Broken screen. Stuck in safe mode from misconfiguration.

    I broke my laptop's screen been using my computer with my TV via hdmi. Needed to boot in safe mode and decided I'd go to msconfig and set it to boot in safe mode til I was done. Problem is, my computer doesn't send signal to external monitors while in safe mode and now I'm stuck unable to use my...
  13. D

    HP Laptop screen black but works with external monitor

    I have tried so many things to fix this but nothing works. I can't contact HP, because I have no money and my warranty is up. Every time I turn on my laptop I hear the noise and see the lights on but the screen is pitch black. I tried shining a flashlight to the screen to check if I see the...
  14. C

    New Lenovo Yoga 900 Can't Identify External Monitor

    Hi, I recently purchased a Lenovo Yoga 900 to replace an older Lenovo Thinkpad. I use two laptops with the same peripherals, so I run an external monitor (Dell Ultrasharp 29" monitor), a keyboard, and a mouse into a Display Link Docking Station. I then use a IOGear switch to toggle between...
  15. S

    Solved New monitor hook-up issues.

    I just bought a new monitor. It is a BenQ 24" monitor (Had great reviews online). When I first took it out of the box, I hooked it up to my Laptop PC via HDMI. The monitor displayed "No Cable Connected!". The monitor then proceeded to stay a blank (black) screen. I went ahead and tried to...