extract files

  1. B

    Emulation station please help

    Soooo im making an emulation station and im extracting a large file around 170gbs through 7zip but i want to test some of the files i already have and dont want to wait the 4 hours its going to take so is it ok to run an emulator or any program while extracting such a large zip file? Or will it...
  2. M

    Solved WinRAR will not extract anything

    Hi, My WinRAR will not extract a single thing. There is no option for it to extract at all. I tried opening it with file explorer but that didn't work either. Here's a few screenshots The first screenshot is me right clicking the file only to see that there are no extraction options. The...
  3. heeelpme

    not extracting

    i bought gta v {not original} and when i try to decompress it win rar gives 2 erors, 01.start extract from previous volume bla bla 02.no files to extract. im perfect sure that the disk is gtavrar.00 which must be the first disk. but it says to extract from previous volume! also i assume that it...
  4. J

    how can i extract my files from a broken hard drive on a lap

    i am looking for a way to do this it is very costly using some co to do it