facebook account help

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    Unable to post my facebook group link in to facebook

    Unable to post my Facebook group link into Facebook ( post, comment, reply sections ) still I can send my weblink ??
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    Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails

    I have an old Yahoo email account set up just to be linked with my Facebook but a while ago I blocked the Facebook email address so that I would stop receiving notifications every time there was activity on my account. Fast forward a few months and I have forgotten my Facebook password and I...
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    Facebook page

    Hello: I am still confused about Face Book personal page. I f I have a Facebook page I can see other pages either old personal friends or other regular users. I can see them , text them and they can text me and they can see me and reply my texts without being FRIENDS. Am I correct? I would...
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    Unable to log into locked Facebook account

    A week back I reactivated (previously I had deactivated it) my Facebook account. I posted a couple of pics and logged out of it. A few hours later when I tried to log in, it said the following: Please confirm your identity Recent activity may have affected your account's security, so we've...
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    Facebook account help please

    Hi, hope someone can help please. I have a Facebook account that I didn’t use in nearly a decade. Now to log into that Facebook account, the email address I set it up with was MSN and I didn’t touch that for the same time period. MSN no longer exists, and when doing the account password...