facebook messenger

  1. linsjean

    Is there a way to download Facebook Messenger for Windows 10

    I deactivated my Facebook page to take a break because it became so time consuming. It did allow me to keep Messenger on my phone active, so my friends and family and contact me. However, I am extremely slow at typing with one finger on my phone. I downloaded what I thought was FB Messenger...
  2. cwwozniak

    Fb "Show when you're active" Won't Stay Off

    I access Facebook using the latest versions of Firefox on two different computers, one running Windows 8.1 Pro and the other Windows 10 Pro. I have gone into the Facebook Messenger settings and turned off "Show when you're active". It seems like a week or two later, I will notice that it has...
  3. B

    Solved How Do I Stop FB Messenger Notices From Popping Up?

    My device: Galaxy J3 Luna Pro Model SM-S237VL Android 6.0.1 I've been having FB Messenger notices pop up. They're little circles with someone's pic or a logo inside & they make noise when they appear. When I try to get rid of them, they run away. I found that by holding the circle an X...
  4. S

    What could contribute to the active status?

    My boyfriend has 3 devices (2 phones (Iphone) and 1 laptop). He is logged in on all devices. However, a few days ago I have noticed that sometimes Facebook Messenger shows he is active, but when asked, he denies that he was active at that time. It happens periodically during the day. He becomes...
  5. O

    Audio Echo during video/audio calls (Skype, Facebook, etc.)

    During audio calls, the person I am speaking with says that they can hear all audio created by my computer. This includes their own voice, audio from videos I might play, any movie we're watching, etc. Typically, I can hear their computer's audio as well. This happens when using Skype, Facebook...
  6. A

    Facebook notifications on Windows 10

    I keep receiving notifications whenever I get a message on Facebook Messenger. It happens all the time, even when my internet browser is closed (I use Google Chrome). It's not the general notifications, only the direct messages. I can't turn them off. I've tried turning notifications off on...