1. NerdyGirl161

    Messenger Account Recovery

    How can I recover a Messenger account that was made without a Facebook account? I could only remember the Username but I forgot the password. I really need this account back but the new Messenger doesn't help at all.
  2. crcook84

    Big Tech Lawsuits from 2020

    Does anyone know if there is a website keeping an eye on a number of lawsuits against Big Tech? I've been able to document up to 8 lawsuits having been files between October 20th and December 17th. The defendants in these lawsuits include the Department of Justice, the Federal Trade Commission...
  3. Menemsha3

    Facebook Hacked - Cannot Recover

    Hi there. My FB acct was hacked, and used to send money. Hacker changed security to 2-party authentication. I cannot access “code generator”. None of the remedies have worked so far. Need to either recover or delete FB and Messenger asap. HELP!!
  4. vieira4afc

    Accidentally removed self from own Facebook event

    I was creating an event on a page that I manage. I somehow selected both 'interested' and 'going' as my own response, so tried to remove the 'interested' one (working as the Page). Unfortunately, this removed my 'Going' response and blocked me from being able to RSVP to the event/invite friends...
  5. K

    Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails

    I have an old Yahoo email account set up just to be linked with my Facebook but a while ago I blocked the Facebook email address so that I would stop receiving notifications every time there was activity on my account. Fast forward a few months and I have forgotten my Facebook password and I...
  6. linsjean

    Can I restore a post that I created on Facebook Window 10

    I created a post on Facebook on March 15, 2020. I thought I saved it to Saved Items, but it's not there. I followed instructions on Youtube to go to Settings>Your Facebook Information>Download Your Information. Then for Date Range, I selected March 2, 2020 to March 15, 2020. I chose HTML for...
  7. MiaJoan11

    What does “first seen on this device” in secret chat means?

    Hello, I’m trying to understand how does secret conversations work on Facebook Messenger. I don’t get what does the date mean next to the “first seen by this device”. Is it the date when the secret chat was used last or something else? Can someone help me, please.
  8. S

    Facebook - locked out of account

    Hello, So, I recently renewed my telephone number and deleted the Facebook app. I had the 2 step authentication set up but didn’t update my phone number before I logged out. (Not deactivated) I now can’t get on Facebook. It asks for the 6 digit code sent to my phone or to use code...
  9. C

    Solved cpanel html verification file for facebook business

    Hi so I am trying to find where to paste the html verification file in to my cpanel file manager which i think is the root source? Im trying to verify my facebook business page and my site
  10. C

    Facebook problem

    Hello: I have Facebook account for long time and had NO PROBLEM until recently- I log and chat with friends and be friended with new friends and another friend be friended -on and on and I cause no problem. The last few day It looks that I was hacked an/or Facebook their robotic administration...
  11. L

    Solved Google Voice number for Facebook two factor authentication

    Can a Google Voice number be used for Facebook two factor authentication's SMS option?
  12. J

    Found out email address of a hacker. What can I do now?

    Hello. My other half's Facebook account has been hacked twice in the last 24 hours. We have been able to regain control both times, and now I've managed to find out what the email address of the hacker is. My question is: is there any way for me to report the person harassing us using the email...
  13. D

    Facebook Login Loop

    Hello everyone, I have a similar problem like already posted in this thread: https://forums.techguy.org/threads/solved-facebook-login-looping.980229/ The main difference is, I'm hooked up in this loop since 3rd december 2018 and I have really no idea what to do anymore. The login-loop arrives on...
  14. L

    My website is URL is blocked by facebook

    Hi My website URL (savvyfernweh.com) is blocked by facebook mentioning that its malicious. I got it checked by my server host developers and no malwares found. Also i checked it on google trasparency report, nothing found. When i checked it on facebook "Open Graph Object Debugger" tool it...
  15. C

    FB non-friend texts

    Hello: I am on Facebook with full access and have friends. My question is if I want to text to a NON-Friend can this NON-friend receive and read my text messages without accepting me a an active friend? Thanks F
  16. Rajeshhsah

    How Can I change our Facebook Numberic Id ?

    All facebook account have thier personal numberic id that can seen by URL of your facebook profile ....This is the finder web page for find our numberic id :- < removed by moderator> BUT i need to chnage this numberic id how can change it please suggested me any answer Thanks
  17. T

    Instagram and Facebook

    I have just started working for a new company and the owner has opened millions of facebook accounts and instagram accounts covering every aspect and permientation of the business name. I am trying to sort it all out. to one facebook business page and one instagram account. One thing he did was...
  18. C

    Need help disabling sounds since FB update

    * hello! i'm not a regular user, so apologies if i selected the wrong forum :) * i access m.facebook.com through Chrome on my samsung galaxy s7. there's been a recent change that had 2 effects on my useage: 1 - my phone# was suddenly attached to my account (which i did not authorize). i learned...
  19. F

    rearrage fb photo albums

    why can't i rearrange my fb photo albums w/o getting an error message?
  20. R

    1 of my Shopify product pgs clicked to a dead Facebook page

    I run a Shopify web store. For some reason, one of my Shopify pages clicked into a dead Facebook page! I don't know how this happened or how it is even possible! I have attached an image of what happened when I clicked into one of my product pages. The page corrects itself quickly and if you 'go...