factory reset

  1. MaskuSama

    Reinstalling Windows 7

    Hi! So I'm using Windows 7 that haven't been used for like 6 years. Kid me didn't know what viruses were back then, so I used to download whatever I liked on Internet. my point is, I'm planning to reinstall Windows, but sadly, I don't have the Key or whatever, nor is my current Windows...
  2. Z

    Help with factory reset

    I lost my password and I lost the disc and thought I’ll just factory reset it with alt and f10 but this isn’t working! Please help!
  3. S

    Tried to reset my laptop now I can’t get back in

    Today I tried to reset my laptop so it could run faster and cleaner. I went and clicked to do a factory reset. It went through the process and at the very end of the process said “Failed to reset your pc. No changes were made”. After this it gave me an option to choose an operating system...
  4. B

    Can't factory reset

    Please help me.. I've tried resetting from control panel and settings, doesn't work... I've tried the Shift+Restart way, that doesn't work either... It also doesn't want to restore to previous version... I literally don't know what to do anymore... It's a Mecer Z140C and Windows 10.
  5. S

    Lenovo Z50 Black Screen, No cursor

    I have a Lenovo Z50 laptop running Windows 10. The issue: Upon start-up, I get the Lenovo wording and a loading ring below it. This will last a few minutes before cutting to an all black screen that will remain indefinitely. This issue began after about 2 years of use. I've tried to do a...
  6. C

    Ubuntu - Factory Reset?

    HI, I have a lenovo Ideapad 320, and it is installed with Ubuntu software. I have absolutely no idea about this software really and I am struggling. Basically, the laptop has got alot of crap on it - games etc which I think is causing problems (I have had experience before of games slowing a...
  7. Lubo330

    A Sony Vaio that is beyond messed up

    Ok so I have a friend that refuses to get help for a pc that he needs fixed he can login to the desktop but no programs will show up and he cant interact with anything on screen we have both come to the conclusion that we need to factory reset it but we cant open the boot menu or alt f10/f8
  8. arash101

    I have a problem resetting the Computer to Factory settings

    I have a PC that I got from a friend of mine and I have forgotten the password for it and I was trying to restart it to factory setting so I can set a new one up but it is asking for a USB stick that came with the PC but I don’t have that is there anything I can do to reset it to factory settings?
  9. J

    Can't Update Drivers

    I was cleaning my PC and my drivers were refusing to update so i did what i usally do which is delete the drivers then reinstall them, but now im unable to. Ive tried to do a factory reset, but that isn't working, what are some solutions? Would it just be easier to just install the OS over again?
  10. R

    Solved Factory Reset

    Hi, I have been doing a factory reset for about 15 hours now, and is been at 35% for the last 5 hours. Should I leave it alone and just hope it continues?
  11. M

    Administrator password

    I have a old dell latitude d600. I forgot the admin password and I have been all over the internet trying everything to be able to reset it with no luck or help. What can I do? I really need to get back into the system!
  12. maobalance

    Computer really slow

    I have no idea where to post this so i'll put it here and I can move it accordingly. So my laptop has been slow within the last 6 months maybe, although i didnt touch it for a while and I have had it for maybe 6 years or so. I've tried everything, updating drivers, running anti virus programs...
  13. J

    Put together old computer, has some program called Fedora?

    I have literally no idea what imI doing. I just figured since they were gonna throw the thing out and I need a cheap/free computer for school, I'd take it up. Now, it has Fedora on it (2.6 or whatever, I dunno) and it takes a while to load a "login" screen. It's blue and it asks me for a...
  14. S

    Trying to reset Windows 10

    I have a Dell xps 13 and I was doing a factory reset do clear everything. It is now on Hi there Let’s get a few basic things out of the way blue page. I set the time zone, region etc and click next. It goes to Why did my PC restart? page. I press next again and it loads saying Just a moment and...
  15. M

    Windows 10 Reset stuck on "Just a moment"

    I had an HP laptop lying around I hadn't used in awhile... And decided to do a complete factory reset to start fresh and make sure my computer was as fast as it could be. I restarted, pressed f11 to enter the advanced menu, and did a complete reset where I deleted everything. After a few...
  16. C

    Pc not working after reset

    Just today i started to completely clean my pc with a reset function on my windows 10 platform. It came up i followed instructions and a loading page came up saying it's progress. Then all of a sudden the screen was on but no image was on there. Ever since then I keep resetting and turning it on...
  17. B

    Factory reinstall failing after reinstall

    Hello , I have been struggling trying to reinstall windows 7 ever since it crashed on me. I keep trying to reinstall windows 7 from the vendors original discs but whenever it completes the recovery of factory default software process it just keeps giving me error even though i have exhausted all...
  18. R

    ICRAIG hard reset failed.....cannot get to sign in prompt 8.95" tablet cmp801-bun

    I tried to factory reset and it crashed or had an error during reset. It shutdown and I went to turn it on again and it showed the icraig intel inside logo....then screen went blank and everytime I touch the screen it shows a little circle showing its loading and it does nothing. Please help...
  19. S

    RICOH MP 2501SP password reset (Factory reset)

    Deal All, I need your kind assistance, we have a RICOH MP 2501SP copier machine, but since yesterday it asks for the username and password (please check the attached photo), could someone please tell me how to factory reset it? we don't have the right username and password. Note: the...
  20. B

    In Progress Can’t Factory Reset

    I haven’t tried factory resetting before the virus but I can’t do it now I’ve done a lot already and even tried safe mode can someone help me with this