fall creators update

  1. J

    Solved laptop has issues after waking up from sleep

    I just got a new Asus laptop and I was running my stuff fine, but one day I woke it up from sleep and it started having issues where some programs, mainly games, would stop functioning and would freeze and crash immediately after launching. My laptop currently is running windows 10 home the...
  2. Zehnsik

    Solved Processes starting at login screen. Why is this happening?

    This isn't exactly high priority or anything, but whenever I turn on my desktop, once I get to the login screen, Windows goes about its business as if I'm already logged in. For example: Notifications from Windows in the bottom right corner can be heard at the login screen, but not seen (Because...
  3. W

    Fall Creators update won't install

    Hi, I'm afraid the fall creators update is not completing on my PC. I have tried through Windows Update, Windows update assistant, and through the media creation tool. I have tried SFC/scannow (no errors), running the update trouble shooter (and allowing errors to be corrected), and also...