fan not spins

  1. G

    My GPU are fans not spinning

    I just downloaded GPU z and came to know that my GPU temp was getting very high ~ 85-90 C moderate usage. I assembled my new PC in Oct 19. I have a core i3 9100f & a GTX 1660 Galax 1 click OC Dual fans and Corsair VS450. Is it a PSU problem or something else? My GPU(Galax GTX 1660+ Corsair VS450...
  2. H

    GPU Fans stops working on Windows 10 Lockscreen

    Recently I re installed my OS, win 10 64bit, on the same build which was working fine previously, GPU fans stops working after Lockscreen appears, its giving the display normal but not turning on the fans. My PC Specs are below. ASUS P8B75-M Intel Core i5-3570 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM SAPPHIRE RX...
  3. Numbers

    Solved Toshiba C655D-S5084 Powers On But Has Black Screen

    Hi everyone! My friend has a Toshiba C655D-S5084 that she gave to me to look at to see if I could fix it. Whenever you power it on the indicator lights shine but however it seems the screen doesn't want to turn on. I've troubleshooted the computer by doing all I know. Such as removing the...
  4. hpmbot149

    The new CPU fan not working..........The computer boots.

    The new CPU fan not working..........The computer boots.The sound of burning thermal paste hears........... When it occurs,he unplugs his PC to protect his processor from dying................ The CPU fan of my brother's computer never spins................but it is a brand new one which bought...