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    GPU Fans stops working on Windows 10 Lockscreen

    Recently I re installed my OS, win 10 64bit, on the same build which was working fine previously, GPU fans stops working after Lockscreen appears, its giving the display normal but not turning on the fans. My PC Specs are below. ASUS P8B75-M Intel Core i5-3570 8 gigs of DDR3 RAM SAPPHIRE RX...
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    PC not launching sometimes

    So after a year from building my PC, suddenly the PC isn't working , lights of the motherboard and RAM turn on when I press the start button ,but no sound no fans (all) are working and obviously no picture no bios nothing The PC will work suddenly after trying over and over again and as long as...
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    Solved PC wont boot

    My custom PC build doesnt boot. No display on screen, when turned on only the RGB work, fans does not spin, this all happened after a random shutdown last night, after such the pc turned on again by it's own and worked properly it even shut down properly. This morning I tried turning it on and I...
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    Solved First Build, leds turns on but fans wont send help!

    hey guys i just built my pc today, but i came into a problem where when i booted up my pc both my cpu fan and tower fan wont turn on. ive followed the manual on where to put the individual fan to each corresponding fan headers but seems to not work any advice on how to fix this its getting...
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    Fans stopped

    How i hope you guys check me out this, i cleaned my old computer (windows xp, now started to use him, then i cleaned the fans, all the dust out, and when im turning the computer power, dont show the blue line (when the setup start) Thanks, Silva