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    Saving Images with Ease

    Just a Tip Advise for someone collecting references Divide a category you want. EX(New Window with Car Images/New Window Truck Images) Put different categories in separate windows Open image in new tab as many pictures as you like for that window. After finished select the tab with the image...
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    Hello , i might need a lot of help :(

    Hello , my name is Domagoj. And from today i am starting to be an active member. My english might be a little rusty but.... thx for any help i will get in advanced. My friend opened company and payed for some programer , althou company isnt going well for start so he cant afford him and he...
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    DPC Latency

    Hello! I have been having some DPC latency issues lately. My computer is 2 weeks old, the model is a Asus G20CB. I have tried updating my drivers but the problem still goes on. The program I used to find out what is happening is called LatencyMon. Here is a picture...