1. P

    Possibly got a faulty Ethernet port on my hands

    A few days ago I upgraded my PCs motherboard, from a MSI Z370 PC Pro, to a Z390 Gaming Pro Carbon (also MSI), at first there was no issues at all, until a few days after, my Ethernet speeds were dropping randomly. One minute Ill have perfect internet speeds over ethernet (my normal speeds of...
  2. C

    New Selecting everything to the right

    If I click on the url to type I can't it highlights the fav tab straight away, does not open on but just keeps jumping to it, when I watch films and my pc and I click in the middle of the screen you can see all the taps it has in the media player highlight all the way to the right again. My pc...
  3. O

    Computer keyboard and mouse randomly stops working

    Hiya I am having some problems with my pc... if i don't use the keyboard and mouse for a while they randomly stop working, in order for them to work again I have to restart my pc. Does anybody know what could be wrong with my pc? Or how I could fix it? It is a new refurbished pc, the model...
  4. AimeeUK

    Solved Brand new computer - not getting any sound

    Hello everyone! I got my new computer yesterday and I'm not getting any sound through it at all. It's a Knight Series Gamemax computer on Windows 7 with brand new speakers. I'm not getting any sound at all, and I need help please! The speakers are mains powered with a jack connection that is...