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    FAX: One line multiple computers with shared folder

    Hello, I have a one and only fax line and have three employees currently and three employees have managed three job duties, so I try to set up a network folder so all the incoming faxes should go to that folder and everybody can have that folder this is because of not missing a single incoming...
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    FAX server and phone lines

    Hello everyone, My company uses a program that allows us to send faxes from the computers to the fax machine. This requires us to have a fax server setup using a analog phone line to send the faxes to the fax machines. However, we only have 3 lines in our office. One line is for the telephones...
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    Setting up Windows 10 as Fax Server

    Hello everyone, I recently have the need to set up a windows computer as a fax server for the company I work for. Is there a way to do this without using a computer that has windows server installed? If so please provide me some information on how to do this. Thanks Information OS -...
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    USRobotics 3453C External Modem

    I have it connected to the DB9 Serial port. I know the serial port works because I use it to configure my Cisco Router and Switch sometimes. This modem is capable of being configured using a terminal emulation program like Putty. I set the baud rate and stop bits and parity and such...