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    Put together old computer, has some program called Fedora?

    I have literally no idea what imI doing. I just figured since they were gonna throw the thing out and I need a cheap/free computer for school, I'd take it up. Now, it has Fedora on it (2.6 or whatever, I dunno) and it takes a while to load a "login" screen. It's blue and it asks me for a...
  2. J

    LinuxEthernet and Wifi at the same time connection problems

    For the longest time I've been trying to setup Ethernet and WiFi at the same time, WiFi for the server hosting and Ethernet for regular use but when I have the Ethernet connected I stop being able to connect to my server which is specifically listening on and That IP is in a...
  3. M

    Solved Swaping hard drives

    If I took my internal hard drive with Fedora 20 installed on it out of my laptop, then replaced it with a new hard drive, then install Windows 10 on that hard drive. Would putting my Fedora 20 hard drive back into my laptop after I installed Windows 10 on the other one still work?
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    Dualbooted Fedora 24 and Windows 10

    Hey! I just dualbooted my Windows 10 PC with Fedora 24 on the same partition. When i was installing Fedora to the harddrive, an errormessage popped up. I just ignored it and decided to finish the innstlation. When i tried unplugging the USB stick that i used to install fedora with and reboot my...