fiber broadband

  1. EdwardDardo02

    Is it hard for the technician to upgrade my ADSL to VDSL?

    When upgrading an ADSL to VDSL, do they need to rewire everything just like when you have DSL upgrade to Fiber, every wirings will be replaced, right? Or just the modem will be replaced? I would like to ask my ISP if I can upgrade my ADSL to VDSL but I am worried that they might get pissed...
  2. russpcdoctor

    Attenuation on a fiber line ?

    Is there such a thing? Fiber tech is here hooking me up and signal strength is out of spec. Its reading -40db when it should be normally -17db or lower. Im less than 100 yards away from where my line hooks into the cabinet. Any fiber guru's in here? He promises he will get to the root cause...
  3. N

    Hi, I installed Windows 10 on my Hard disk instead of my USB

    I realized this the next days, just now, my Disk turned from a normal disk to something weird with another icon. As I had months of work on my disk I'm trying to get those things back using Recoverit, but the problem is my 3.5 Tera Hard Disk magically turned in "ESD-USB (F:):)" with only 31.9...
  4. U

    Advice on using an Asus Rt-AC88U router with a PON modem

    I have fiber coming into my flat and connecting to an Eltex NTE-RG-1421G-WAC modem/router combo via the PON port. I wanted to get an Asus RT-AC88U router but I am concerned about speed loss. The Eltex NTE-RG-1421G-WAC modem/router combo does not have external antennae. I am not getting a strong...
  5. myeang

    Weird wifi problem

    I have been using fiber broadband for the past 2 years with the wireless security setting "Mixed WPA2/WPA-PSK." There were no problems for 2 years. Suddenly, on October 11, 2015, all wireless devices (laptops, phones and tablets) failed to connect. Phones and tablets would show "authentication...