fiber broadband

  1. N

    Hi, I installed Windows 10 on my Hard disk instead of my USB

    I realized this the next days, just now, my Disk turned from a normal disk to something weird with another icon. As I had months of work on my disk I'm trying to get those things back using Recoverit, but the problem is my 3.5 Tera Hard Disk magically turned in "ESD-USB (F:):)" with only 31.9...
  2. U

    Advice on using an Asus Rt-AC88U router with a PON modem

    I have fiber coming into my flat and connecting to an Eltex NTE-RG-1421G-WAC modem/router combo via the PON port. I wanted to get an Asus RT-AC88U router but I am concerned about speed loss. The Eltex NTE-RG-1421G-WAC modem/router combo does not have external antennae. I am not getting a strong...
  3. myeang

    Weird wifi problem

    I have been using fiber broadband for the past 2 years with the wireless security setting "Mixed WPA2/WPA-PSK." There were no problems for 2 years. Suddenly, on October 11, 2015, all wireless devices (laptops, phones and tablets) failed to connect. Phones and tablets would show "authentication...