1. nosoulginger21

    Slow Fiber Connections

    I recently purchased a 1,000mb/s plan from a local Fiber company for my parents and I after finding out Sparklight wasn't a very good internet provider. After getting fiber all set up and ready to go, I tested the speeds of the internet. With an ethernet cable plugged straight into my laptop and...
  2. EdwardDardo02

    Is it hard for the technician to upgrade my ADSL to VDSL?

    When upgrading an ADSL to VDSL, do they need to rewire everything just like when you have DSL upgrade to Fiber, every wirings will be replaced, right? Or just the modem will be replaced? I would like to ask my ISP if I can upgrade my ADSL to VDSL but I am worried that they might get pissed...