fibre networking

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    Advice on using an Asus Rt-AC88U router with a PON modem

    I have fiber coming into my flat and connecting to an Eltex NTE-RG-1421G-WAC modem/router combo via the PON port. I wanted to get an Asus RT-AC88U router but I am concerned about speed loss. The Eltex NTE-RG-1421G-WAC modem/router combo does not have external antennae. I am not getting a strong...
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    Fibre networking

    I am planing a run off 180 meters between my home and the yard a cross the feild so i can run the card Manchine and voip could also be puting a cctv system in at some time in the future .doing the diging and laying a swa fibre is not a problem what is,what equipment i need both ends and how it...