file conversion

  1. H

    Documents in Code - Can't read Windows 7 in Windows 10

    Hi, bought a new Dell w/ Windows 10 ... transferred my old files from my laptop (Windows 7) to the new computer and now I can see the files all listed but when I try to open them, a box appears asking me: "SELECT THE ENCODING THAT MAKES YOUR DOCUMENT READABLE." I am given three options to read...
  2. A

    Free pdf to jpg conversion

    I am trying to find a simple way of converting a pdf file to a jpg file, but all sites seem to require a "free trial" which I don't want to do. Anyone got any quick and easy solutions? Thanks, Ajay
  3. dedhed56

    Where to go...

    Hi, First timer here. :) No questions are dumb, correct? Here goes: where would I post a question about file conversion?
  4. D

    Unable to change File type to KMZ from PDF

    I am running Windows 10. The issue I am running in to, is that my KMZ file wants to download and open as a PDF. I have Google Earth downloaded onto my PC and actually already have it open and running an overlay that I had previously downloaded. I go to my email to retrieve a new overlay for...