file corruption

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    Corrupted Photo Repair - Somewhat urgent

    An app I had corrupted all of my pictures and videos. I got a recovery app (EaseUS), and the scan was successful. I can see all of my images right there! Yet, when I try to "recover" them, it only shows me a red circle with an exclamation mark on the top of the image. I know there must be a way...
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    SDXC exFAT card files readable but corrupted

    Hey Guys! TL : DR: All files accessable but contain binary-gibberish So I was at a friends place yesterday and he told me that his phone (sony xperia z5) crashed and woudn't restart until he removed the SDXC card (exFAT formated, 64GB). He tried to access his data from his PC (Windows 10) and...
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    Deleted Miscellaneous File Caused Photo Deletion

    Hi, my phone was acting up a few days ago. I have the samsung galaxy s5. And somehow in the mix of trying to fix it, one of my miscellaneous files was deleted and it deleted several of my pictures. It confuses me because I had them saved to my card and backed up on the cloud and they disappeared...
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    In Progress Scans freezing, files!

    Windows 10 Dell Inspiron N7110 laptop 64-bit operating system I had some malware issues a while back when I was using McAfee, so I cleaned up the computer and switched to MalwareBytes. Because a pdf I recently worked on became corrupted while working in Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, I started to...