file extensions

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    Please help with this file extension

    What is this in my file extension? It will not recognize?
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    .THB File Extension

    Hello, Trying to open some older pictures on my computer that came from a trail camera. The thumbnail of the picture looks as it is a video - the name says .jpg but when I attempt to open it, it uses video player and says it cannot open due to this .thb file extension. I've tried 5 different...
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    SD Card Error - File Extensions Changed, Error 0x80070570

    First timer here, so please bear with me. Any help you can offer is MUCH appreciated! Some of the files on my SD card have changed file extensions and appear corrupted (the modified dates are wonky and the file sizes are off). For example, a file that was formerly IMG_3324.JPG is now...
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    New Unrecognizable file extensions

    I have a thumb drive where all the file names have been changed and are not recognized by my computer (e.g., τå╟ic2╗.α∩║). I would like to recover these files. I have tried renaming them and get the following error message: The file name you specified is not valid or is too long. The file...