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    Corrupted Micro SD card Recovery?

    Hi, so I have a 200gb micro SD card that was corrupted and they want me to format it but I won't because it still has all of my music and pictures on it. I really want to get them back only about 30gb of the data was used up on the card. I have tried almost every program you can try to recover...
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    I am begging, please help me find my lost file

    I am using windows 10, I have been working on a word doc for weeks deadline now. I saved it and switched my comp off (No, I didn’t back it up. Yes I’m a complete a-hole) upon switching my computer on the next morning the file was gone. Three shortcuts displayed a notification informing me that...
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    6gb file gone

    Hello. Big problem here, I cloned my hard to an external one and then tried to open Google drive folder on it and it didn't work. Then I put in the external hard and accessed the folder, found my files and then made the huge mistake of cut paste it into the public folder (of my actual hard). So...
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    Solved Hard Drive Issues

    I have a computer I am trying to get the files off of. It's a Dell Vostro 220 with a 750Gb Seagate Hdd in it. I try to boot it and no boot media can be found. I go into the BIOS and I can see the Hdd, but when I run a diagnostic, it says there is an error 2000-0146. I pull the Hdd out and...
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    Overwritten Document Recovery

    Is there any way to recover a Microsoft Word file that was accidentally overwritten on a Windows 8 computer? File recovery was not set up in advance.
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    Recovering Files from an old laptop

    This is a bit of a long story, but bare with me. So I bought an old refurbished Dell Latitude [w/ xp] maybe 7 or 8 years ago. It was so old it couldn't even connect to Wifi. But at the time it fulfilled my computer needs. I was in college and broke, so w/ an ethernet cable it sufficed. I...
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    COM Surrogate Error Checking No Progress Showing

    Hello Everyone, I recently built my first computer and decided to dual boot Ubuntu 16.4 and Windows 10. I tried to use my external hard drives on the new build to transfer files. I couldn't get my 3TB or my 500G to mount in Ubuntu even though I had used them both in Ubuntu on previous computer...
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    Help recovering lost word doc

    Hi, I am desperately trying to recover a word document (wedding speech!!) that I have somehow lost and don't understand how! I definitely would have saved it but can't find it anywhere. I know the date and time it was worked on to try to search for it that way. I have also tried searching...
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    File seen in Windows explorer can't be executed

    Windows says it can't find the file even though it's displayed. Why? How do I fix it?
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    Folder Corruption (Identity Crisis) on Flash Drive

    I'd been ignoring an error on my work flash drive for some time ("next time, right now I've got to do something...") and it finally corrupted. The folder I use the most was affected completely, and now thinks it's not a folder anymore. The used memory of my flash drive hasn't changed, so I...