file transfer

  1. G

    External Hard Drive issue maybe

    I had an old laptop, was very slow many problems with it. When trying to move files onto a external hard drive, the laptop would freeze and not work until I pull the cable out from the external drive. I'd love to check the external drive but I'm scared to plug it into my good computer. Any advice?
  2. J

    Copied Music to SD from PC. Phone sees mostly empty folders

    I have a samsung galaxy J6 I bought two 128gb micro SD cards as I wanted all my music on my phone. I have tried this in a number of different ways, with the same result. I watch them copy ( as in im watching the folder on the sd card and can see then being added one by one ) I've tried 1. micro...
  3. A

    Solved Transfer data and files from one android phone to another

    I have a new android phone. Both my old and my new are using android v9. I have many (on the order of 1.5 million) files of maps each 4 to 10K, stored on my old phone. I want a way to transfer everything from my old to my new phone including all of the map files.
  4. SquigleSheep

    Transfer a lot of files from phone to pc

    First off, apologies if this is in the wrong place or if there is a super obvious answer that I'm missing. My girlfriend wants to transfer all her photos and videos from her Samsung Galaxy S7 (Android 8.0.0) to her computer (Windows 10). The problem is that she has about 8.8GB of images, 7.7GB...
  5. GamerBlackAcid

    Having trouble copying files from a device to PC

    Hi. I have Windows 10 Pro 64 bit 1803. (I don't wanna update). And I have a Samsung galaxy ace nxt SM-G313H. If I connect the phone to PC, it shows my phone as a "portable media player". If I try to copy a file from phone to PC, I press control + c. And control + v in my PC hard disk but... no...
  6. H

    System files transfer

    So recently I purchased a lenovo legion y520 laptop. And all of the files are in the SSD. Is there a way I can put the system files in HDD and my games etc on SSD? Reason being my SSD doesnt have much space.
  7. C

    Trying to copy files from HD to USB or SD

    I want to have some files on an external device, move them from my hard drive to a thumb drive or SD card. I have tried Copy and paste, drag and drop and "send." These are ordinary files, pictures and documents in various folders on my HD. A pop up window appears when I start the action, that...
  8. A

    Importing photos from Media Go

    Having (apparently) transferred photographs from my Sony Xperia to my pc, whilst thumbnails appear along the top banner on the pc screen, the imported photo/movie does not display and there is a message on a pink background in the status bar saying: Could not import file "xxx" from device Xperia...
  9. T

    Transfering media files from Pc to micro sd issues.

    I have recently been trying to transfer about 5k songs from the my pc to my external SD card 128gb to then put into my phone. I have had nonstop issues with this, as when I try to mass transfer all 25gb over everything works fine until I try to play said music. First I try mass transfer using...
  10. G

    No permissions while transferring files via rocketfish

    First off, I tried looking for a thread like this, but I'm not that tech savvy and don't know all the right jargon. Apologies if this has a thread already and if this doesn't make sense. So I recently got a refurbished ThinkPad Lenovo e431 Windows 10. I took out the hard drive from the old...
  11. O

    Command line to copy all MP3 fules

    Recently my computers harddrive suffered a logic error, dont know where, all my music files are still in tact i ran a check for this, i have music that was recorded by myself and a few friends on the laptop and it is important that i retrieve it and can copy it. Is it possible for me to use a...
  12. J

    Files disappeared while being transferred to a now-exFAT USB

    Hello. I’ve been stuck in a predicament for almost a week, day and night, for hours to end, and NOTHING. I’m going insane! I really hope you guys can help me! Here I have a description on the situation, what happened before after and during. Brace yourself, it’s a little lengthy… but...
  13. M

    Help transfering many video files to new computer

    Hello everyone this is my very first day of being a member and my very first question. I spent my entire day yesterday with lap link most of you will know that link is a software device that ., Claims to be the number one best way to move multiple files off of any old Windows computer onto any...