1. Axtenten

    Can't change "This PC" File name

    Hello everyone, This happens recently after I purchased a new m.2, and I tried to move the files around. Somehow my "Video" File name changed into "Music" in the screenshot below. I tried to change the name also, but it doesn't show up. Every...
  2. J

    All of my files open with Notepad

    For example, I am trying to download forge for Minecraft but due to me using Notepad a few months ago for 1 file, all of my current files of the same genre are all automatically Notepads. I tried to download forge but instead of running the client it pulls up the code in Notepad. How can I...
  3. kmajka005

    Internal Files Repository/Archive

    Hello, I am facing a problem with files storaging. I have users and I have to provide them possibility to storage created files on the server but during the upload I need from them fill some information form to collect the data to make easy access and ability to track those files in the...
  4. GeorgeJ2001

    File Explorer Not Opening

    Hey, I have a gaming PC, and have had for a few years, and when I go to university I leave it at home. However, since I have been home, the file explorer is not opening, and whenever I try to open it, it restarts the task bar. Also, when I am in a program that requires me to save a file, where...
  5. M

    AOL Attachment Sends Entire Filing Cabinet

    I am a musician and for decades I've been sending songs in aol emails as an mp3 attachment - without problems. Now something has gone wrong. I can still attach and send the song as normal. But in my 'sent' copy the attachment has changed name from the song title to my entire document...
  6. L

    Voice message from infected phone

    If someone sends a WhatsApp voice note from an infected phone (or computer using WhatsApp web), can the voice note harm someone else's device by opening and listening to it?
  7. T

    (large) files suddenly 0 bytes on my data

    Hi all, A whole series of files of mine are suddenly shown as 0 bytes. They all seem to be in the same folder + subfolders, and be quite large, around the 1GB mark, or larger. Any idea how I can recuperate them, or what this is? I've ran chkdsk /f /r, but without any luck. I've checked...
  8. L

    Strange file on my C drive

    So today I went into the office as usual, but when I started working I noticed a strange file on my C drive. As a programmer I tried figuring out what it is, I turned out to be a program/application blocker, but I'm not sure. Can you guys look at it, please? Ps: The file extension is .vbs, but...
  9. W

    .jar help

    Hi guys. I am trying to open a .jar file, but every time I do it says" how do you want to open this type of file?" and then "look for an app in the store?" I have a windows 10 Acer Aspire laptop, if you're wondering. Thanks!
  10. J

    Solved How to change what a file opens as?

    I was downloading files and accidentally clicked "open with photos" so now all my files I download can't be used. Example, CC for games like Sims 4. How do I change it back?
  11. D

    Cannot delete game folder no matter what i try

    You need permission from msi\User to delete this folder. I am the admin acount I have full permissions Every possible access listed has full permissions I made an access called "Everyone" gave it full permissions I've restarted Its invincible. i cannot delete this file. no one can. i think...
  12. Jitraa

    Cortana - Will deleting the Cortana file harm my laptop?

    First, I'd like to point out that I found and read this thread that, in the last post, tells me how to disable Cortana. But for me, that is not enough. I want her file gone completely. I opened the file location and moved Cortana's file onto my desktop. I've yet to...
  13. A

    Volume is marked as dirty

    Heres what shows up: >Verifying file system. Checking Volume /dev/rdisk3s2... Type of the filesystem is NTFS. Volume label is: SeaGate 5Tb. Volume is...
  14. romantrump

    i want recover my windows hard disk ntfs partition ?

    guys is there any software to recover hard disk ,if available please contact as soon as possible really i have need of it too much.
  15. C

    Steam giving "missing file privileges" when updating game

    So multiple issues here, including the SysInfo utility. (When I download Sysinfo utility, I get a "Parameter incorrect" error.) Running Windows 10, not sure what else I can tell without SysInfo utility. A few months back I posted an issue with my drives on another account (I have more space on...
  16. K

    Run CMD for movinf pdf files to sub folders

    I have some pdf files under the folder all pdf (folder path : C:\Users\Skamalkanth\Desktop\Native Files\General\PDF Files) and I want move all the pdf files in to sub folders created in (C:\Users\Skamalkanth\Desktop\Native Files\General\PDF Files) can anyone please help me to move these files...
  17. J

    recover cut off video

    i was recording a video earlier today on my lgv10 and my phone shut off mid video, but i still want the rest of what was recorded. The file is there, but when i try to open it it says error or something. does anyone know how to recover the recorded video? plz helpp
  18. C

    Windows Explorer refreshes 5 secs after right clicking file

    Hello. I'm new to this forum so I hope this is under the right thread. I wasn't sure it fell more under Windows 10 or virus, but I do not know if I have a virus or not so I chose Windows 10. Anyways, whenever I right click on a file in Windows Explorer, Explorer refreshes within 5 seconds and...
  19. B

    Files & folders showing up as Unix Executable files

    Hi I have a Western Digital 1TB hard drive which is formatted to work with my iMac and Windows laptop. Which worked perfectly. I recently bought a refurbished Macbook pro and plugged the hard drive into it and now some of the files and folders are showing up as unix executable files with zero...
  20. S

    File won't Open

    I'm having trouble opening an essay Ive been working on which is the final piece for my post graduate. It's causing me a great deal of stress!! the error that comes up when I open it is... SAXParseException: '[word/document.xml line 2]: Attribute w:cstheme redefined ', Stream...