files not visible

  1. erfankm7

    My files are missing when i open THIS PC twice

    Hi, please help me to fix this bug I reset windows explorer from task manager , first it fix and This Pc shows everything but in the second time all of my files are missing
  2. eddhewett

    Solved Missing files on old HDD

    So I got a new laptop and a week later my old one completely died. Unfortunately as my old laptop would only stay on for 10 minutes at a time and then need a few hours rest (cooling issue I guess) I didnt manage to get all my documents and photos across. No bother I ordered a case for the HDD...
  3. S

    Variety of small problems after malware removal on Windows 7

    In April I had some malware removed with the help of staff on this website. The full thread is available here: However here is a brief summary: I was trying to remove the malware Albireo from a browser I use...