firewall issues

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    Solved windows cannot connect to internet using HTTP or HTTPS or FT

    Hello my computer is connected to wireless Internet but I cant use browser. I used diagnosis on laptop and it says windows cannot connect to internet using HTTP or HTTPS or FT this is probably caused by firewall settings on this computer. I have an acer aspire one laptop windows xp. What should...
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    Port forwarding not working | Firewall settings

    Hello all, I'm trying to open ports via my Linksys EA6100 Smart-wifi router through my PC to create a Minecraft server for family members. I've created one before and all was good but the port 25565 is closed now and no one can join and I'm unable to reopen the port via configuring a port...
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    configuring home network with firewall and wireless router

    Although this post isn't strictly related to an issue on my computer, perhaps it can still be addressed as it deals with the general security of a network. The physical setup of the network (which does provide for fully functional internet access) is as follows in terms of wire connectivity...
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    Small office networking problem

    Hi I run a small business in a managed office building. I have hired two Ethernet ports for internet usage. I use three PCs as well as two VoIP phone lines. I have connected all these devices via a network switch and it was working well until two days ago. Now I have moved to a larger room in...
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    Uninstalled McaFee and lost internet connexion

    My friend had McaFee Av on her computer and I tried to help her out by uninstalling it and placing Avast... Screwed up majorly... Uninstalled Avast with the Avast remover, used the MCPR and jv16 to remove any remnant, worked for a bit and then installed AVG, same problem. Uninstalled it using...