1. S

    Error code 9 message when trying to restore iPhone 5S

    I just replaced the battery for the iPhone 5S, and it kept turning on with the Apple logo and then off and back on repeatedly. I have tried restoring the phone by pressing and holding the power and home button at the same time, then just hold the home button when the Apple logo comes up, and let...
  2. I

    Router Firmware Upgrade

    Hello I hope I've shared this in the right forum - please forgive me if not! I've downloaded the latest firmware for my router, but now I don't know what to do with it! How do I install it, please? Also how can I roll back if the installation goes wrong or the new firmware doesn't work...
  3. Lu Zhun

    Windows 10 does not come out of Sleep Mode

    Upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10 Pro 64-bit. It goes into Sleep mode fine but anytime push a key to come back out of it.. it does nothing and has to be reset. Also it stops loading windows upon the first reset (the circles stop moving when says Loading Windows) then just stays on that...
  4. V

    Solved How long will it take to reset ec firmware?

    Iam having a strange issue with keyboard on my msi ge62vr 6rf apache pro laptop, to solve issue i asked msi for support , they said to reset ec firmware and im doing it , but the problem is my laptop stuck at shutting down screen and its loading forever like 17 hours now , what do i do , ...
  5. C

    Solved New Router not accessible via browser etc.(DIR-632)

    Sorry i couldn't come up with a better thread name... Anyways i have recently bought a new router a D-Link Wireless N 8-Port Router (DIR-632) to be clear. i bought it for my need of a few more ports without buying a switch. Today i set it up, Plugged in the WAN connection, Plugged in the power...
  6. M

    New Sata Disk showing up in my "User" Folder with Documents

    New Sata Disk is showing up in my "User" Folder with Documents, Pictures, Videos, etc. I installed a blank WD 1TB Sata disk for additional storage in my PC. After I began to place folders on the new drive I noticed that in my User folder (Click the Globe in the bottom left-hand corner of the...
  7. BrazenBull

    Wrong firmware installed on a Belkin F5D8236-4 v2 router...

    I just need to find out how "flash" or to set my Belkin F5D8236-4 v2 router back to its factory firmware settings so I can install the correct firmware. It currently has firmware version 2.01.03 installed, which is for a slightly different model, and it's supposed to have version 2.00.04.
  8. A

    DVD-5 overburning feature in slim IDE DVD writers

    Hi everybody! I've a few questions regarding DVD overburning. Particularly, I'm referring to the slim IDE/ATA internal DVD writers coming with laptops about 10 years ago (Pioneer DVR-K17A, in my case, but I could get other second-hand models of other brands, if necessary). I've known that the...
  9. Beni_143

    BLAUPUNKT Endeavor 800 ng Firmware

    Hi, i have the BLAUPUNKT Endeavor 800 ng tablet. It is stucked while booting. I tried pressing volume and power button together and reached at the recovery mode. I tried restoring factory but it doesn't complete rather it gets restarted after a while. I also delete cache etc but no good. The...
  10. E

    Archos 504 Firmware

    Does anyone have a copy of Archos 504 firmware version 1.4.03 or earlier they could send me? I want to install a new hard drive to replace an old, frozen drive and I have to install an older version of the firmware in order for the unit to 'recognize' the new one.
  11. M

    Wiped OS and Data Transfer

    An HP Pavilion laptop I've had for 4 years just started running into some problems a couple of weeks ago. First, the screen went out. Now it won't even work when hooked up to an external monitor. I have been given an HP Pavilion desktop computer by my mother, but she completely wiped the OS...