fix error

  1. Hellosachin

    Hold escape key to prevent startisback from loading

    cant open any app or anything, I can only open settings. I don't know how to fix, help me I need to start my live stream by afternoon. I don't know anything to do what I am just waiting for any help . I tryed starting windows again and again but it not work , also I opened cmd by safe mode but...
  2. J

    HP 15 notebook boot image did not autenthicate

    hi guys, can I ask u how to fix hp 15 notbook boot image did not authenticate problem ,without personal file removal,thanks
  3. R

    Cant see text on explorer

    I've done some changes for fps boost in games and accidentally remove some files in this case the problem is actually java (i remove it by mistake) all errors is pointed to java and i cant restore my pc to last safe point or restart it its maybe the new windows 10 update or removing some 3d...
  4. Maciej0s

    Video card or driver doesn't support UBYTE4N vertex data.

    Hello guys, I have a problem. I tried playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 but every time I try launching the game this error shows up: "Error during initialization: Video card or driver doesn't support UBYTE4N vertex data." I have an really old laptop but I hope that you can help me fixing...
  5. O

    User Profile is inaccessable

    This morning i booted up my computer and only one of my profile's were shown. That one profile works fine, however all my files are within my first profile. Within she start menu on the working profile the lost profile is shown but once clicked it it takes me back to the login screen for the...
  6. M

    External Hard Drive Problems

    I have these problem with my external hard drive: - Sometimes the Local Disk (H:) is showed up, but suddenly not responding when opened. - When actually connected and working, its really slow when copying or moving files. At first the speed is good but it getting slower and slower over time...
  7. S

    Computer won't read external hard drive

    I have a WD My Book external hard drive, and my computer suddenly isn't reading it. The drive shows up under devices, in disk management, and remove device option, but it doesn't show up in My Computer. I can't access it. When I go to disk management it said not initialized. I try to initialize...