flash drive

  1. linsjean

    Solved My flash drive won't slide open

    I removed my Lexar 128GB flash drive fom my USB port to charge something else, and now my flash drive won't slide open. Model S75. I wonder if part of it now missing? I mean how hard can it be to slide it open?It has an arrow for the direction to open, but no luck so far. I have lots of...
  2. gk0123

    Write protected issue

    I insted my sandisk 16gb pendrive in my laptop,it says the disk is write protected. I have tried CMD,regedit, downloading other softwares for formatting to remove write protection but this issue remains.what should I do for fix this issue?
  3. natalia.12

    Usb bootable device not working

    Both of my hard drives are gone but I have a WD blue ssd 250gb. I am trying to setup media creation tool windows 10 with a usb. My pc recognizes my usb and i have it on boot priority in BIOS utility. but when i “save and exit” it just reroutes me back to BIOS utility instead of setting up. I...
  4. O

    Flash Drive

    I hope the is the right place to post. I have a flash drive on which I have been storing documents. It has always placed them in alphabetical order. All of a sudden, they are in random order and I cannot find anything. How do I fix this?
  5. A

    Flash Drive ReadOnly, file/directory is corrupted and unread

    I have a 1TB Flash drive that currently has the "file/directory is corrupted and unreadable" error. I have used the chkdsk command but to no avail due to "read-only" status on my flash drive. When I tried using diskpart to remove the read-only attribute on my flash drive, the "current read-only...
  6. E

    Can't install new flash drives, but my old one works

    I have a SanDisk Cruzer 32GB flash drive I use with no problems, have been for 2 years now. However, I bought a generic blue flash drive that doesn't work on my PC, but it works on my wife's and her setup is almost identical to mine. It says it can't find the driver for it & I've tried numerous...
  7. A

    Hexadecimal and HDD - What happens if I change the hex #s?

    Just looking for information on what could happen if I changed hex numbers on any sort of data storage device. Example- hdd, thumb drive, memory card.
  8. J

    Flash Drive Not Working

    I have an 8GB Lexar USB flash drive that is no longer working properly....or at all. When I put it into the USB port, my computer does its usual dinging noises as it recognizes new hardware, but instead of the flash drive files opening or "lexar" appearing as an option among my drives, my...
  9. xITmasterx

    "Cannot open volume for direct access" error in flash drive

    There was a problem with my flash drive recently. I was transfering files into my flash drive in windows xp, when explorer.exe suddenly slowed down when it starts transferring the Mac OS X music files of Sonic 06. Since it was my bedtime, I decided to shut down the computer while this was going...
  10. frustratedfellow55

    Solved Trying to install Windows 10 on new PC

    Yesterday, I built my first gaming PC (almost, I have yet to purchase a GPU. I plan to run on the CPU's integrated graphics until then). I've been having trouble trying to install Windows 10 on it with a USB drive. I used the Media Creation Tool from the Microsoft website, and formatted an 8GB...
  11. D

    Solved What happenned?

    I just formatted my flash drive for some kind of error... then I saw this: https://prnt.sc/im8q9s Then I got paranoid for some kind of hieroglyphs in my usb... but then when I open the folders it says "location not available" WHY IS THAT? WHAT IS HAPPENING IN MY USb? WHAT SHOULD I DO?
  12. xITmasterx

    Stubborn Flash Drive Problem in RiDATA Flash Drive

    So, I got a RiDATA 32GB flashdrive, FAT32 formatted, when suddenly, all my files went corrupt, then the flashdrive went to Read Only, RAW status. I have tried wiping clean the partition and crating a new partition out of it, but it ultimately failed as the flash drive didn't repair itself after...
  13. xITmasterx

    Solved Windows XP doesn't read flash drives

    I have tried to enter any flash drive into the PC, but Windows displayed it as RAW, with no memory, and responded whenever I open the flash drive with this "You need to format the disk in drive". I have placed my flash drive in different slots, changed flash drives to check if it would work...
  14. xITmasterx

    Solved Stubborn flash drive problem

    Hello, I'm having some problems concerning the Transcend 64 GB flash drive. The problem is this: I just recently reformatted the Flash drive after a format error problem, my brother used to flash drive for a long time, for that was his. Then at one time, when my brother tried to add files...
  15. C

    Flash Drive not accessible

    I have a Kingston DTSE9 16GB flash drive that shows up as drive E:/ and when I click on it, it says it is not accessible and that access is denied. Is there any way to make it work?
  16. W

    Solved USB 3.0 Issues

    Today i got a new USB disk, its labelled a USB 3.0 flash and is capable of reaching speeds of 140 mb/s When i tested it the best i can get is 20 mb/s Yes my motherboard has USB 3.0 ports, iv used another flash before and got speeds of up to 80 mb/s but this flash wont work. Am i missing...