flash drives

  1. 6

    Crippled flashdrives

    Evening: Recently, I noticed this Kingston DT101 2.0 16Gb flashdrive was 'writing" at less than half the speed it used to. I checked around the web and in a few forums. After many posts and many different attempts at 'restoring" (trying to) the drive I was resigned to the fact that the drive...
  2. L

    Flash drive fault

    My flash drive (Hp v220w 32 GB) is not working. It shows that windows can't complete the format when I tried formatting it and it's only showing 8mb capacity.please tell me a way to solve this problem
  3. 1

    USB flash not showing up on MacBook Air

    Hi there. Recently, my USB has been acting strangely with my Air since it has ceased showing up on my desktop. Looking further into it, it seems like my USB does not show up on Disk Utility or in that little window where all the USB's are supposed to show up. However, I know this is not a...
  4. Z

    Flash as HDD

    HI i need a assistance, ok i have a thin client PC with 4 gig memory which is too little to load windows vista, whentrying to install it ,it will not see my flash drive as a harddrive so i cant load it. is there any possible way to make the pc see my 30 gig flash drive as a harddrive so i can...
  5. H

    Laptop recognize USB (makes sound), but won't load!!! HELP!!

    I've tried changing the drive letter, but that doesn't help. The usb appears in the storage management window but states no media. Also, the computer recognizes the flash drive in printer and devices. But from that window all i can do it dismount the flash-drive. The problem started Friday...
  6. CluelessInSeattl

    Duplicate Flash Drive Listed in My Computer

    I have 7 flash drives plugged into a USB hub. I use them mostly for back-up storage of my system, music and picture files. I was annoyed by the way XP assigned drive letters to the flash drives under My Computer in Windows Explorer. The flash drives were all mixed up. I wanted to re-order...