1. I

    Solved Catch-Up TV Sites in Browsers

    Hi I'm in the UK and use Windows 7 Professional. I have 3 browsers, Vivaldi, Maxthon & Internet Explorer. I use the All4 catch-up website for Channel 4 once a week but it will only work properly in Internet Explorer. Obviously as IE has recently had a security scare I'd like to stop using it...
  2. A

    Hexadecimal and HDD - What happens if I change the hex #s?

    Just looking for information on what could happen if I changed hex numbers on any sort of data storage device. Example- hdd, thumb drive, memory card.
  3. D

    Stopping Youtube playbacks; MS Edge, Win10

    I have Windows 10 Home, 32-bit (Russian). My Internet browser is Microsoft Edge under my Windows 10, with a flash player. The computer was recently updated and defragged. Issue: YouTube; some gaming videos, like Virtua Fighter 5 matches, stop on 0.5 seconds and play further again. … maybe...
  4. S

    Glitchy CPU flash with wrong image produces FrankeneMachine

    I have an eMachine 1831-05 that has always been problematic since a crash around 10 years ago. I recently tried to flash the BIOS, but the image was incorrectly labelled and did not match my hardware. Now, memory allocations and system variables are not matching correctly, causing an ever...
  5. T

    Solved Adobe Flash Update Problem

    I have the latest version of Adobe Flash and I am told I need 4 updates, I have searched Adobe's website and can't find them, have no way to contact Adobe to get them, Can't find it on my computer to run so I can update and clear error message from the Belarc report. Belarc recommended your...
  6. J

    Browser, especially Flash lags badly on a newish computer

    Hi all, Thank you in advance for your help! I have a laptop that I started using (brand new) one year ago. (Specs posted below). Everything was running smoothly for a while until a few months ago. I use FireFox and like to play flash games on Kongregate.com. The lag is ridiculous on most...
  7. L

    Question about Macromedia Flash

    What does an "upgrade" copy of the software mean versus a "full" version? And is there any significance to an "education" full version? I found a new sealed copy of Flash 5 that says full education version and wondered what it meant.
  8. V

    Flash player bocked

    Im not dumb, ive unblocked flash on my chrome browser, ive tried other browers ive tried unistalling/reinstalling flash but when when i try to stream anime on sites such as 9anime.to and kissanime.ru the plugin is blocked? ive disabled any antivirus that may be blocking it. youtube works fine
  9. W

    Solved USB 3.0 Issues

    Today i got a new USB disk, its labelled a USB 3.0 flash and is capable of reaching speeds of 140 mb/s When i tested it the best i can get is 20 mb/s Yes my motherboard has USB 3.0 ports, iv used another flash before and got speeds of up to 80 mb/s but this flash wont work. Am i missing...
  10. openreel

    WEB Catalog - Difficult to get full pdf link for fusker link

    The app of the following WEB Catalog (getting very popular in Japan nowadays) just enables you to download single or facing-up pages one by one in PDF (BTW, there are 1050 pages). When downloaded, the file is true PDF with rendered texts, not an image! You gonna see the PDF button just close to...
  11. BrazenBull

    Wrong firmware installed on a Belkin F5D8236-4 v2 router...

    I just need to find out how "flash" or to set my Belkin F5D8236-4 v2 router back to its factory firmware settings so I can install the correct firmware. It currently has firmware version 2.01.03 installed, which is for a slightly different model, and it's supposed to have version 2.00.04.
  12. J

    Adobe Flash Player .exe files will not load.

    I have a Windows 7 64 Bit computer with the System plugin and Internet explorer and Google chrome versions of Flash Player installed. Flash Version I have tried clearing all data, uninstalling multiple times, older versions everything but every time I try to open a flash projector...
  13. A

    Solved Good, Free Flash Developer?

    I've been experimenting with game design elements, primarily in interactive fiction and mods of existing games, and am looking to experiment in Flash as well. Are there any programs for designing/programming in Flash, that are free and at least decent? Note, I'm not looking to make games...
  14. D

    Copying is abnormally slow

    I was using my flash drives, and my computer crashed due to power outages. Now, when I copy files to flash drive or to my phone (this happens worse to my phone but it always happen on my flash drives), it is extremely slow. 300mb - it says I have 40minutes left, I left it for 40 minutes and it...
  15. D

    Screen Blacks Out For 1 - 2 Sec Randomly Upon Booting Up PC

    Upon turning on my desktop computer, and after pressing the power button to boot up, the screen will randomly black out for 1 - 2 seconds and continues even after logging into Windows and continues for about 45 mins with decreasing intensity (it flashes once every couple of seconds upon boot up...
  16. cristalraindrops

    Adobe Flash Downloads but doesn't Install

    Please help!! I use Windows Vista/Firefox & have tried uninstallng firefox and anything with adobe flash so that I can get the newest version of flash. I download it, then when I click download NOTHING HAPPENS! I've tried everything & nothing works. The download just doesn't acknowledge I'm even...