flashdrive not working

  1. K

    Solved Flashdrive (Moved from XP Forum)

    Flashdrive works fine on laptop but when i plug it into my desktop, nothing happens. I plugged it in two days ago and it worked fine. I didnt do any thing after i used it. I just unplugged it and i was done. But i read online that you could go into disk management and locate it there or even...
  2. CaptainKenney

    Solved Desktop And Laptop not showing PNY USB 3.0 Flashdrive.

    Hi , im Kenney , im having an issue with my PNY 3.0 flashdrive , on both my laptop and desktop computer it will only show in disc management , however on the other windows 10 computer in my house it works fine. (both my desktop and laptop run windows 10). i have already called and used MS Free...