1. S

    Recovered File Fragments

    Hey, are recovered file fragments important? I recently scanned my flashdrive because of an error and then the file containing them appeared and I started to delete them but I cancelled it before it could delete them all. Is that bad?
  2. G

    Solved System Image Backup to Flash Drive in Window 7

    1. Instead of backing up my system to an external harddrive, I want to back it up to a 128GB flash drive. I have formatted the flash drive to NTFS standards. When I run Windows Backup, the program gives only two choices: backup to harddrive or backup to DVD. How can I trick the system to...
  3. K

    Solved Flashdrive (Moved from XP Forum)

    Flashdrive works fine on laptop but when i plug it into my desktop, nothing happens. I plugged it in two days ago and it worked fine. I didnt do any thing after i used it. I just unplugged it and i was done. But i read online that you could go into disk management and locate it there or even...
  4. CaptainKenney

    Solved Desktop And Laptop not showing PNY USB 3.0 Flashdrive.

    Hi , im Kenney , im having an issue with my PNY 3.0 flashdrive , on both my laptop and desktop computer it will only show in disc management , however on the other windows 10 computer in my house it works fine. (both my desktop and laptop run windows 10). i have already called and used MS Free...
  5. MikeMurray2

    USB Extension Cable Freezes Mouse

    I have a USB Extension Cable (36") connected to the back of my PC. Today, I want to sync my new Fitbit with my PC. Proceeding, I ejected an 8gig flash stick from the USB cable, and removed it. Then, I connected the Fitbit Charging Cable to the USB Extension Cable and found my cursor has...
  6. D

    Copying is abnormally slow

    I was using my flash drives, and my computer crashed due to power outages. Now, when I copy files to flash drive or to my phone (this happens worse to my phone but it always happen on my flash drives), it is extremely slow. 300mb - it says I have 40minutes left, I left it for 40 minutes and it...
  7. L

    Folder Corruption (Identity Crisis) on Flash Drive

    I'd been ignoring an error on my work flash drive for some time ("next time, right now I've got to do something...") and it finally corrupted. The folder I use the most was affected completely, and now thinks it's not a folder anymore. The used memory of my flash drive hasn't changed, so I...
  8. E

    Write Protected Flash Drive

    Hi, I have an 8gb flashdrive and it's almost full so i want to delete some files but then there is a popup that says i cant delete it because it is a write protected and i search in the internet and i found some answers like going to cmd and diskpart and then when I listdisk i dont see my flash...