1. mackielp

    Screen Flicker

    My laptop screen flickers when there is a certain color has been shown in certain part of screen, but it is not flickering when my laptop is freshly opened, the flickering will happen after a few minutes. I've tried so many solutions online like reinstalling and updating gpu's, chipset and bios...
  2. S

    Black Screen Monitor Issue

    Okay guys I need your help - I have Philips 220sw9fb/00 monitor, and some time ago my monitor started failing - the screen started to go black all the sudden. I figured that if I turned it off and on again it worked properly, and this worked for a while, but then the interval of proper work of...
  3. S

    Monitor has a weird colour flicker when watching videos

    Here is a gif I took of my laptop screen: http://i.imgur.com/7mndwlP.gifv This happens when I am watching a video in full screen (whether it be VLC, Netflix, YouTube - on Chrome/FF/Edge). I have sent my laptop in once already to get the screen replaced (for another reason, but there was already...