flickering screen

  1. B

    Screen flickers black when loading games on PC

    Hello, I have a question for gamers when loading up a game for some reason the application will start to flicker and go to a black screen and back to the game. Things I have tried are to uninstall and redownload the game, shutting down the computer, updating drivers, etc.. not sure what the...
  2. mackielp

    Screen Flicker

    My laptop screen flickers when there is a certain color has been shown in certain part of screen, but it is not flickering when my laptop is freshly opened, the flickering will happen after a few minutes. I've tried so many solutions online like reinstalling and updating gpu's, chipset and bios...
  3. B

    Screen keeps flickering

    So I got up this morning and while turning on my computer my elbow knocked into the side of the monitor pretty hard. I can’t find any ways on the internet that have helped me. The monitor is a HP Pavilion 23cw, connected with HDMI. Any help would be appreciated
  4. GamerGirl44

    Windows 10 display flickering

    The display will flicker upon using the mouse or touch screen after a period of time rest, but it seems to only do this when I watch my Netflix, it is making me frustrated, and I have tried fixing it useing the windows help website, but it did not work any advice please help!