folder problem

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    6gb file gone

    Hello. Big problem here, I cloned my hard to an external one and then tried to open Google drive folder on it and it didn't work. Then I put in the external hard and accessed the folder, found my files and then made the huge mistake of cut paste it into the public folder (of my actual hard). So...
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    I think I cleared my PC

    I was trying to clear space from a small hard drive "C:" and put my folders and documents into my 1.7 TB hard drive "D:". When doing so, it asked me to delete the documents/folders/bytes because they couldn't be recycled. Figuring that meant it wouldn't be deleted from the PC altogether, I...
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    Excel Won't Open From Most Folders

    I have Windows 8.1 and Excel13. If I try to open any Excel file that is in its regular folder, or any folder other than Desktop, Downloads, or OS, I get the error message: “[name of file] is locked for editing/By ‘another user’/[etc.]”. I can open a Read Only version of the file and edit it...