forgotten passcode

  1. karebear

    I forgot my password

    I have a HP laptop windows vista. I forgot the can I bypass it. I tried the safemode route, didnt work. If I even did it right. I don't have recovery software. Help! Thanks, Karebear
  2. J

    Admin password not found

    Hi I just received this windows Vista home premium laptop but it has an admin who upon a Google search is dead and I do not know the password to it and I need it for education purposes I don't have another laptop or PC and also I can't connect to the internet on it it is a gateway model with a...
  3. H

    How to find a forgotten pass code back??

    Big problem with facebook: cant sign in as the samsung 6 asks to remove Passcode [before creating a new passcode] The problem:I don't remember a passcode which i probably generated .... Can anyone help me out without having to reset the android to factory setting?? thanks