1. Alchemi

    Solved MS Access: Query not updating from Form

    Hello again: New database, new problem I thought I've built my parts like I'm used to but something's not happening right. I have a form where a person makes an order, and when they are ready it's supposed to go to a report to show their request. The report is coming up with no data (fields...
  2. N

    Emailing a Single Page of a Report in ACCESS

    Hey y'all, First of all, I am new to the forum. Also, I am new to Access but I have caught on very quickly so far. However, I need a little bit of guidance. I have searched the forum and found threads that are similar, but I'm still having trouble. Let me give you a little bit of background...
  3. M

    Linking a form to database in excel

    HI guys, I need to create a form in excel which, after the fields were filled out and submitted, the data would update a dynamically linked Excel database file. For example, my form might have three fields: Name, product and quantity. My Excel file would also have three columns titled name...
  4. L

    copy/export data in excel sheets into form.

    hi, i want to about how to copy/export data in excel spreadsheets into form format that can be save in pdf or word format and also can be print. is there any tutorials form any website or youtube that i can refer. thank you.
  5. A

    Updateable Data On Website

    Hi, I need something that I'm not sure how to Google search or explain. Bare with me. When my clients log in to their personalized homepages on my website, I need something like a table for them to enter and edit information for their employees. Like a table that has the rows on top with...
  6. E

    Access 2010 Form to display data from different queries

    Hi, I think I have always over complicated things by creating several copies of a form for each query it will display. Then when something changes I have loads of places to change it. Is there a way that I can have one form and determine which query is displayed in that form using the Filter...
  7. H

    Solved Access 2010 expression from form needs to reflect in table

    I am super new to Access (like, what I know I taught myself or learned from some short youtube tutorials a few days ago), but I'm putting together a database for my reporting at work. This is the first time I've really run into an issue. I am using Access 2010. I have a table called "Holds...