1. I

    Pictures in Excel

    Hi I'm using Office 2019 on a Windows 10 64bit PC. Is there a way to insert a picture into a cell in Excel, please? I know I can insert a picture into a spreadsheet but I want it to be within the cell so the the cells to the right can relate to it - for example, if I was inserting a picture...
  2. N

    My Hardrive

    Hello. I am hoping you can help me. I recently upgraded my HD to a SSD. I cloned the HD to the SSD and then replaced the drive in my system. Everything seemed to work fined for about 2 days but for some reason I can no longer access my 10TB backup drive. After I complete the update to the SSD...
  3. Louvern

    What can I do to remove trojan virus in my laptop?

    My laptop OS is Windows 10. As soon as I notice that my laptop is infected with trojan virus, I identified the location of the virus file but I cannot delete it. I entered the safe mode and I can't access my user already. (I'm the administrator) so I'm using a guest account. I tried to reformat...
  4. Nos482

    Android OS corrupted SD % partition

    [Abandoned due to physical weakness of product] Hello, not good at writing but here's the story: I have a 256GB micro SD card and installed android 7, iirc, so I could boot my notebook pc as android to utilize my Blutooth for something.. All is fine till it starts saying it must be formatted to...
  5. L

    Regarding Windows 10 installation

    I am installing windows 10 pro 64 bit. I would like to ask for help regarding error: Windows could not format a partition on disk 0. The error occurres while preparing the computer's system volume. Error conde: 0x80070057 I already deleted all the partition and create new partition but still it...
  6. A

    New SSD's exFAT format Dropbox issues. Should I reformat?

    When I transfer files through Dropbox, I got an error message that some properties could not be transferred, Initially I ignored it but when I had issues playing videos (6GB size), I googled and found that such error could occur when a file is transferred from NTFS to FAT disk. My FAT disk is a...
  7. P

    RAW hard drive

    My hard drive is RAW and every time I try to format it into ntfs using disk management it is not able to and whenever I try it in diskpart it says Virtual disk error: this volume or device is in use
  8. S

    Certificate for wiping business drives

    Hi, My friend is having a load of PCs recycled from his company, I asked if I could have them and he said no because he needs a company to give him an official certificate to prove that the hard drives and sensitive data from the PCs has been wiped. What is such a certificate called and do you...
  9. catlady13

    Will macrium format old drive

    Hi guys, long time no see. I want to clone the hard drive of my windows 10 laptop. It will not recognize the USB hard drive I want to clone to. Hence I plan to remove the hard drive from the laptop, put it in as a secondary drive in my windows 10 desktop that I know recognizes my external...
  10. B

    Closed windows10 during update, unable to boot/fresh install

    My brother closed the laptop during windows 10 updates then it got stuck in a booting loop, managed to get to WinRE but system recovery fails, uninstalling previous version fails, everything fails. Resumed to freshinstalling windows 10 through a bootable USB, but it says Windows can't be...
  11. G

    format usb

    i cant reformat my usb to a storage device after using it for a boot device. ive tries ao many things
  12. crcook84

    Are digital cameras still region specific?

    I was looking at digital cameras online that would save to a flash drive when I stumbled across some that specifically stated that they were PAL. Then the thought suddenly occurred to me, are digital cameras even format/region specific anymore? Technically, a digital file isn't necessarily...
  13. A

    HDD has i/o error

    Hello! I have a couple of old hdd's and they all read in disk management but non will allow access due to the i/o error. I'm simply wondering if there is a cmd to bypass and hard format the drive in question so I can install a new OS on the drive. It's just out of an old laptop but I really want...
  14. D

    In Progress Where to store files before doing a full format on laptop

    I found that there's a virus on my laptop and it's working slow and lagging and I was told that formatting it would remove the virus with better performance as well. But I have very important files like pictures, videos, and all that and I'd like to know where I can put them so I can get it...
  15. E

    Removing the format off of apps and documents

    Hi I some h0w managed to put the formats on the ends of apps on documents. For example chrome used to be Chrome but now its Any ideas on how to remove this?
  16. L

    external hardrive inaccesible

    i'm on a one month old Hp envy x360 2 in 1 laptop. it only has 128gb storage on it's internal hard drive so, i needed an external hard drive (wd 1TB my passport) to bolster it with all the files i have for school. it told me i had to do a software update and restart my computer. After it...
  17. C

    Solved Motherboard changed, any way to retrieve my old files again?

    Hello there. Recently I changed my motherboard and processor. In this process, I haven't lost the files in my various hard drives but there is an issue. I used to have two user accounts, namely 'Administrator' and 'Home'. The engineer which changed the motherboard saved the documents, files...
  18. A

    USB won't show up unless connected to usb c dock

    Hello, sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but I have searched all over the internet, contacted Microsoft, contacted manufacturers and still haven't been able to fix this issue. My integral fusion usb 3.0 64gb flash stick will not be recognised by my laptop, a Dell XPS 15 9550, but...
  19. B

    Seagate External hard drive infected through Chromebook

    My 2tb hard drive was working fine for about 3 months before it stopped working. I have files inside files, so the main ones show up, but i can't open them to access anything inside. It says "failed to format" every time i try and I can't manually delete them. I thought it was a virus but I'm...
  20. D

    Which type of format will be done

    Hi there. I have a HDD which the power connected broke off inside. I removed it and placed it into a caddy which then showed up as unallocated space. I made a new simple volume which then showed up as RAW after. It's now asking do you want to format now, the question is, which kind of format...