1. I

    Pictures in Excel

    Hi I'm using Office 2019 on a Windows 10 64bit PC. Is there a way to insert a picture into a cell in Excel, please? I know I can insert a picture into a spreadsheet but I want it to be within the cell so the the cells to the right can relate to it - for example, if I was inserting a picture...
  2. P

    Sandisk 64gb micro sdxc card not formatting.

    Hello! I've encountered an odd problem with my micro SD card lately, and I can't figure out how to fix it. I've used this SD card for about three years now, I use it on my mobile device for extra storage space. But overnight, my phone stopped recognizing it. I managed to get it open on my...
  3. PressABToStart

    Can’t Boot PC

    So I built my computer a while back, and being the first computer I ever built, I was dumb and installed Windows to my HDD instead of my SSD. Recently my computer has gotten cluttered and what not so I just wanted a fresh start, so I migrate all of my important files to my HDD, then formatted my...
  4. J

    Solved How to format my hard drive from my old pc

    I used the hdd from my old laptop to create an external hard drive, but when I plug it in it shows as 4 different drives in my computer. I want to format it, but I wouldn't know how to go about it because of the multiple drives. Their names and size are: SYSTEM (D: ) 198 MB, Local disk (E: )...
  5. S

    Solved MBR Error on used laptop!(formatting and installing Linux)

    Hi! I got an old used laptop that has higher specs that I am currently using, however, when I got it, there was an MBR error 1 and 2 on startup(press any key to boot from floppy...)! I do understand that it's a problem with the master boot record, and when I try to start it in safe mode, it...
  6. E

    Formatting now hard drive, now it won't show up at all

    So I was formatting my new hard drive, and then the computer rebooted during the formatting, and now nothing works, usbs, the hard drive isn't working now at all I can't do anything to it, nothing's working now basically and I have no clue where to go from here, would love to post all the specs...
  7. A

    Word help please

    Sir, I have a 30 pages labels in word document. Like shown in the image. In these labels I want to format first line with bold & bigger font size and or change color at once. Is it possible? Please help me.
  8. Andrijana

    Problem with SSD

    A month ago I had problem with my computer, it froze and i restarted it, after restart it couldn't boot. Every time I tried to turn on computer it was blue screen with message INACCESSIBLE BOOT DEVICE. I had one week of work to try to fix it and I did, by installing windows on my HDD, and boot...
  9. dcjones

    Real Text Document - Reformatting after upload

    Hi everyone, first time poster here, hoping you guys might be able to shed some light on my issue. Basically, I'm a band leader, and I need to get these chord charts online for my ensemble. Now, on my computer these chords read perfectly, however, when I upload them the chords and the text go...
  10. B

    Problems trying to format my Toshiba A200 Satellite

    (Sorry if my english is actually bad) Hello all, Im here looking for some help, because this is the first time that happens to me since i got my laptop, and i already did a lot of formatation on my laptop before but this never happen... Everything goes normal until the point that opens two...
  11. CaptainKenney

    Solved Desktop And Laptop not showing PNY USB 3.0 Flashdrive.

    Hi , im Kenney , im having an issue with my PNY 3.0 flashdrive , on both my laptop and desktop computer it will only show in disc management , however on the other windows 10 computer in my house it works fine. (both my desktop and laptop run windows 10). i have already called and used MS Free...
  12. D

    Install SSD to make comp. boot off it. with HDD as storage

    So I got an SSD and I have a custom PC made but its only using a hard drive. I was wondering if its possible to transfer ALL my stuff to an external hard drive (except maybe games because I can just download them again.) Then format my computer's hard drive and boot the computer with an SSD...
  13. Q

    Set-up Vertical Justification in 'Custom' Invoice Template

    Quick Timeline: Roughly a year ago - Invoice2go included templates that could be highly customised. From then to now - VERY-LONG-AND-OFTEN-FRUSTRATING-DECISION-MAKING-PROCESS Instant Invoicing + Mobile Money = Prompt Payment + Buoyant Business - pretty logical, unless you're a dedicated...
  14. B

    Toshiba 1TB Hard drive stopped working on mac

    Hi there, sorry in advance for anything in this post that may sound silly or unclear as i am not tech savy, and this is the first time I've ever posted on one of these forums but its an emergency and i'd appreciate all the help i could get! So i have this 1tb toshiba external hard drive that...
  15. J

    How do I get this code to stop emails of the cell next to it is marked complete

    Please help if you can, I know very little about excel and I have a very complicated spreadsheet to build. If I can pull this off, it will help me fight the coming layoffs. Problem I need excel to send automatic email when the spread sheet is opened to the supervisor every time a check in...