1. techkid

    Solved Multiple actions on PHP form

    Hi, I am writing a website for a friend to submit and review poetry. I am up to the review part of the project, and what I want to do is to be able to use radio buttons to be able to approve or delete entries using PHP using the one form. This is what I have so far: <!DOCTYPE html> <html>...
  2. J

    Document with fill in capability, get responses in email

    Hi there, I am new to the site and hope I posted in the right area! I have a 20 page welcome packet for my small business that is currently a word document. It has a few pages that I would like to collect filled in data from. My question is how do I build a document that can be sent from my...
  3. R

    Create Form that Cycles through fields

    Hi All, Quick one - trying to create a data entry/ edit form that has 3 years worth of dates in it. I.e. 2016, 2017, 2018 Project Name| Project Manager | Jan 16 effort Feb 16 effort March 16 effort April 16 effort May 16 effort June 16 effort and so on.... Some projects will go into other...
  4. R

    Solved Can you create Reports and Forms that update based on date?

    Hi All, I'm trying to create a Form and a Report in a Database that I've built. Ideally, what I'm trying to do is create a yearly rolling Form (for data entry) and Report (that runs off that data in the table that is updated by the form). The table I have is essentially this: Effort in Days...
  5. R

    Create Form to Update Table

    Hi All, I'm looking to create a form that will update rows in a table. The form is a user entry form so X person can fill in the necessary information and then hit "Save" which will add a new line into the table. I'm not particularly well versed with Forms, I've historically avoided doing...
  6. R

    Create a Form in Access that Updates Source XLS

    Hi all, I'll try and keep this as clear as possible. I have been asked to build a database that projects our business area's total resource. I'm using a table that contains all of the people in our area and have built out other functionality from this. In the "source" table in Access, there...