1. F

    Solved Help with IF then Roundown formula

    Hi, I have two cells, cell #1 contains my calculated value, and cell #2 has a formula to round down cell #1 to the nearest 99. This works well when cell #1 and cell #2 are not the same, but when they are the same, it still rounds down but I'd like cell #2 to stay the same as cell #1, and not...
  2. L

    Solved SUMIFS help

    I need help coming up with an excel formula I'm not sure if I need a SUMIF, SUMIFS or some other formula. Each patient is assigned codes (B2:E2) and each code has a value (A5:B11). I need to add up the total value for each patient. The example below only gives a total of one code (in C2)...
  3. S

    Excel for registration

    Hello! I need help in speeding up the process for registration during an event. Basically I have several spreadsheets with list of guests that will be attending a event. (Will upload a template spreadsheet) IDENTIFICATION NO. NAME ATTENDING REGISTERED? TIMESTAMP...
  4. chrisb1978march

    Solved Help with formula

    Good afternoon, It's been some time since I've posted on here. I have a spreadsheet which has a number of sheets and one that collates stats from a huge list of data. I use a formula, which looks through the data and returns a number based on number of visits in a month: =SUMPRODUCT(('All...
  5. Meyonce

    Solved Multiple Formula's In One Cell | Excel

    I am currently using the formula =SUM(B3*140%) to get a mark-up of 40% when entering a price, but I would like to round this up to the nearest £0.50. Please see spreadsheet attached. Is there anyway to add this formula along with the current one?
  6. K

    Solved Need help with Excel formula

    I attached a picture of the spreadsheet/current formula. I would like to add another formula into cell K101 so that when a value is entered into M101, K101 goes to 0.
  7. J

    Excel Mulitple Formula Help

    I am trying to add several cells together, and if the result returns a positive number add that number to another cell. H8+H12 go into H21 But if H20 is positive I wanted to add that into the total of H21 as well. I think it will two formulas, but I am not sure how to do it...
  8. J

    Excel drop-down selects alternate data.

    Please see attached. I am trying to make a costing sheet that uses data from another sheet. Depending on the classification the user chooses on the first sheet defines what data is pulled from the second sheet. The pricing is banded by units and then additional units on top of the top band are...
  9. W

    Forecasting Daily Sales Using MS Excel

    Hi I'm new to this forum but can't find the answer anywhere, if I've duplicated my question, please feel free to direct me to the thread. I work for a leading supermarket and I'm trying to create a spreadsheet to forecast daily sales in a new store. I have sales data from 21/4/16 when the...
  10. F

    Solved Calculate difference between two dates

    Hello, I'm trying to save time by creating a formula for something I do every week, and I'm stuck. I wonder if someone would be able to help me out. I have two columns, they each contain a date. I need a formula to subtract Col A from Col B to calculate the difference, then to assign a...
  11. benhur1978

    Solved Excel Formula help

    Hi, Thanks in advance for any help. I trying to calculate a final commission value based on various parameters as follows... If the sales value £1000 or less then the commission is 0% From £1001 to £2999 the commission is 20% From £3000 to £5999 the commission is 25% Above £6000 the commission...