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    Frame Drops!?!

    I am looking to find new gaming parts and was wondering if you can recommend me some parts. I looked around the internet but couldn't find much help. This is my rig: GPU: GTX Nividia 1050 Intel Core i3 4170 @ 3.70 Ghz 8 GB ram 1920*1080 60 Hz monitor I am getting stutters and fps drops in...
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    Sudden FPS drop in Fortnite only?!?!?!

    Hey guys, I have an HP omen laptop with 24 gb of ram and running a nvidia 1050. Generally when I run fortnite, I run full settings at nothing less than 60 fps at all times. Until yesterday, I got on and I cannot get above 6 fps. All of my other games work perfectly at full settings. Any...