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    Laptop, BSOD atikmdag.sys

    I have a Laptop Dell i7 Inspiron 5567 with AMD R7 M445 Graphics card, I'm having BSODs a lot from the past couple of months. Sometimes I think that its 'cause of the AMD I'm not sure. However when I disable it the BSODs don't come but when I enable it and start playing Fortnite BSOD again comes...
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    Fortnite Crashing every startup

    Hi. I play Fortnite on my gaming laptop but recently I was getting blue screens of death every single time I booted. I emailed Epic Games and they told me to have a technician look at my computer. The only thing I could do to fix the BSOD problem was to reset my pc. I did it and it was working...
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    Fortnite BSOD when i press Launch

    Hello guys, so every time i press Launch Fortnite in Epic Games Launcher i get a blue screen of dead, with the error message: KERNEL_SECURITY_CHECK_FAILURE. I've updated my drives, nvidia geforce and i also did all windows updates and even reinstalled windows 10. I already unistalled and...
  4. S

    Games keep crashing

    So, every game crashes after some time for fortnite it is random sometimes when I enter pre game lobby, sometimes when I jump out of bus etc. I can't finish games. I tried DDU and then installing newest drivers, I tried clean start of windows I tried a lot of the other things as well. My game...
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    FPS drops

    When playing games like Fortnite, I get FPS drops when overlooking demanding areas. I cap my frames at 144 and it can go as low as 30fps. Is therre something I can do or should I upgrade my CPU/GPU? Tech Support Guy System Info Utility version OS Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home...
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    Epic Launcher downloading the whole fortnite again

    Hey, So I just downloaded season x of fortnite and it wasn't working so I waited and it said I needed another update I checked everything I could and there's no update so I transferred my files to another hard drive to see if that works and it isn't recognising anything. Anyone know why?
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    Need Help with What Gaming PC to Buy

    I want to buy a Gaming Pc with a budget of less than 600 pounds for competitive Fortnite, so even at most I can average higher that 80 fps Please could you help with all gaming pc parts or even if you could link a completed compter model so I can buy it straight away. will appreciate so much...
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    Xbox audio problem on monitor

    Hello I have an Xbox one just set up with an older AOS monitor. I am using an HMDI to VGA adapter to get the picture onto the monitor. Display looks great, however I don’t have volume on the monitor no matter what I try. Anyone know how to get volume from Xbox to monitor? No buttons except...
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    How to play Fortnite for iPhone on a terios t9 controller

    I don’t know how to use the controller to play Fortnite. The game hasn’t provided support for this particular controller but I want to know if there is a way around it
  10. C

    Cant redeem fortnite nvidia code

    So today I got the fortnite nvidia 1070 ti I downloaded GeForce Experience and then proceeded to make sure I had 3.18 update which then I could redeem the code (I had 3.18) then I went on the nvidia redeem portal and tried to redeem it and then it said you need 3.18 I uninstalled then...
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    Just got a game and not running smooth

    My computer can run fortnite at 100 fps but when I got overwatch yesterday overwatch is running at 3 fps. I checked with the specs of my computer and it should be running at atleast 60. Can someone help me plz.
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    Help me understand stretched resolution for gaming

    Brand new to pc gaming so I'm having trouble figuring out a good stretched res for me (specifically for playing fortnite) being that nowhere online have I found anyone else with the same as my screen. It's 2880 x 1800 native MacBook Pro 2017 15in. that I use, running the game in Windows 10...
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    Internet stops recieving and sending packet

    hi there,im trying to find a solution about this! i play a lot of games such fortnite ,csgo,lol and when i play the ping is 40 and for one moment the game just stops because it doesnt recieve packet and send it,im using a wifi adapter usb which name is hiro 433mbs,and when i play fortnite just...
  14. L

    Can I run Fortnite?

    Hello my friends, I have a probook 6460b and I want to play fortnite with some classmates. But I dont know if my laptop can run it so can anyone please tell me if my laptop is good enough for fortnite?
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    Boot camp not able to make bootable usb

    Howdy y’all, I’m running the latest Mac OS Mojave on a Mac book pro 2017 and I’m trying to make a bootable usb (win10). First off when I download the 64 bit windows 10 the program that shows up on my computer is labeled cccom64 something or other... I’m not sure if that is the same as the...
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    Gaming PC Crashes

    Hey everyone, I'm not very experienced with PC hardware or any of that but I have been having many crashes while playing games. It's actually only really Fortnite, There is a few things I want to tell you guys before I get into it but I bought this PC off of a close friend of mine that went into...
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    Upgrading RAM from 4GB to 12GB: Gaming Performance

    I have HP ProBook 440 G1. I have 4GB of RAM right now. Will it increase my gaming performance after upgrading it with 8GB RAM i.e. 12GB in total. Currently I'm playing Fortnite(Battle Royale) which have high rate of FPS drops. At a moment it's on 60FPS and next it will be on 5FPS. Will Upgrading...
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    I need help with my gaming PC

    I dont know much about gaming PCs and thats why im here. I need a guide on what to buy for my new PC. I dont really know how to see what my computer already has on it and what I need to upgrade so I need a very detailed guide.
  19. K

    Fairly new gaming pc running slow.

    I got my gaming pc last year and was running completely fine. Now however, I've been losing fps in games that usually weren't a problem for me like: csgo, fortnite etc. It's meant to be capable of running Overwatch, but when I did, all settings had to be put on low, and the minimum fps i got was...
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    0xc000007b Application Error on Epic Games Launcher

    Over the past few months I've been trying get Fortnite to run on my pc, but sadly with no luck. My first error with the installer of the epic games launcher was the download always getting hung up on Directx. I was able to troubleshoot this error myself by downloading the launcher on a...